Artemis Studio Photo Session

Models Izumi Rika
Location Artemis Studio (Akihabara)
Date 2003.12.30
Time 16:30 - 17:40
17:50 - 19:00
Cost 3000 yen first session
4000 yen second session

This was my second photo session in Artemis Studio. A description of the studio can be found in my report of the October 29th photo session.

There were 8 people who participated.

In the first session, Rika wore two outfits. The first one was a black long sleeve top (with black tie) and a red and black checkered skirt. The second one was a red tennis shirt and a white skirt.

In the second session, Rika did one cosplay and one swimsuit. The cosplay was a frilly, red maid type one-piece outfit, with white frills/apron. The swimsuit was a black, one piece swimsuit.

photo notes

I took 507 pictures with my 10D, with 480 of them worth keeping. I ended up with 102 pics of the first outfit, 120 of the second, 168 of the third, and 90 of the fourth.

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