Artemis Studio Photo Session

Models Andou Akari (ƣ)
Location Artemis Studio (Akihabara)
Date 2004.02.02
Time 18:30 - 19:40
19:50 - 21:00
Cost 3500 yen first session
3500 yen second session

This was my fourth photo session in Artemis Studio. A description of the studio can be found in my report of the October 29th photo session.

This was my first photo session for taking pictures of Andou Akari. There were five people who participated.

In the first session, Akari wore two outfits. The first one was a white and red waitress outfit from the game Pia Carrot 3. She also brought a tray, and posed with that sometimes.

The second outfit was the green, floral mint outfit from the game Pia Carrot 3.

In the second session, Akari wore two outfits. The first was the same floral mint outfit, but they changed the background from a white cloth to a black one.

The second oufit was a frilly, white dress (like a very short wedding dress), also with the black background.

Akari is the cutest girl that I've seen this year! (^_^;

photo notes

I took 787 pictures with my 10D, with 764 of them worth keeping. I ended up with 321 pics of the first outfit, 175 of the second (white background), 86 of the second (black background), and 182 of the third.

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