Artemis Studio Photo Session

Models Izumi Rika (ꥫ)
Location Artemis Studio (Akihabara)
Date 2004.02.12
Time 19:30 - 20:40
20:50 - 22:00
Cost 3000 yen first session
4000 yen second session

This was my fifth photo session in Artemis Studio. A description of the studio can be found in my report of the October 29th photo session.

This was my third photo session for taking pictures of Izumi Rika. There were six people who participated.

In the first session, Rika wore two outfits. The first one was a white sweater over a pink (I think) shirt, and a brownish checkered mini skirt.

The second one was a red and white checkered apron over a white waitress outfit. This looked like a cheap costume, and didn't look that great.. Both of these outfits were taken with the black background.

In the second session, Rika wore two oufits. The first one was a black long sleeve top and a checkered jumper skirt. The second was a white bikini with pink poka dots. Both of these outfits were taken with the white background.

At the end, Rika gave everyone a little chocolate cake that she baked, along with a short letter.

photo notes

I took 69 pictures with my 10D and 253 pictures with my D60, with 66 (10D) and 250 (D60) of them worth keeping. I had to use my D60 because the 10D started giving me lots of errors (the shutter is dying).

I ended up with 90 pics of the first outfit, 115 of the second, 63 of the third, and 48 of the fourth.

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