Artemis Studio Photo Session

Models Mizuno Saya ()
Location Artemis Studio (Akihabara)
Date 2004.05.27
Time 19:30 - 20:40
20:50 - 22:00
Cost 3000 yen first session
4000 yen second session

This was my eighth photo session in Artemis Studio. A description of the studio can be found in my report of the October 29th photo session.

This was my second photo session for taking pictures of Mizuno Saya, the first at Artemis Studio. There were three people who participated.

In the first session, Saya wore two outfits. The first one was her Jelly outfit from Famires Senshi Pudding. (Jelly is the name of her character.)

The second one was a white top with red cherries, and a red and white checkered mini skirt. Both of these outfits were taken with the white background.

In the second session, Saya wore two oufits. The first one was a red cheerleader outfit. She also had white pompoms, but since the background was white sometimes the pompoms weren't clearly visible.

The second was a pinkish bikini. Both of these outfits were taken with the white background.

photo notes

I took 684 pictures with my 10D, with 586 of them worth keeping.

I ended up with 130 pics of the first outfit, 130 of the second, 185 of the third, and 141 of the fourth.

During this photo session I used the ST-E2 speedlite transmitter and two 550EX flashes. One of the 550EX was clamped onto the left pole pretty high, near the ceiling, and the light was bounced off the ceiling. The other 550EX was placed on a 100cm light stand. This flash was also pointed up. Both 550EX flashes were set to 1/8 power.

I measured the light using my Sekonic Multi Master L-408, and found that there was a one stop difference between the light at the head and near the floor. I adjusted accordingly, and got good pictures even when Saya was sitting or lying on the floor.

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