Tetsugakudou Kouen/Ichigo House photo session

Models Adusa (Ť)
Location Tetsugakudou Kouen (Nakano)
Ichigo House (Ochiai)
Date 2004.09.23
Time 11:00 - 12:30
13:00 - 14:30
15:30 - 16:40
Cost 5000 yen first session
5000 yen second session
5000 yen third session

This was my ninth photo session at Ichigo House that I attended. But it was my first outdoor photo sesion by Ichigo House. The outdoor photo session had two sessions at Tetsugakudou Kouen. Then there was one indoor session at Ichigo House.

This was my fourth photo session for taking pictures of Adusa. There were five people for the first session, three for the second, and three for the third. I participated in all three sessions.

In the first session, Adusa wore an orage T-shirt and slightly torn jeans. We took pictures on a couple of park benches, and also near an old wooden house.

In the second session, Adusa wore a short sleeve pink sweater and a denim mini skirt. We took pictures near a lake, and various other places in the park.

In the third session, Adusa wore two outfits. The first outfit was a brown blazer jacket over a white shirt and red/black checkered skirt. She also had a red ribbon.

The second outfit was a pink nurse outfit, with a pink cap.

The white paper background was used for this session.

photo notes

I took 774 pictures with my 20D, with 653 of them worth keeping.

I ended up with 235 photos of the first session, 206 of the second session, 112 of the first oufit in the third session, and 100 of the second outfit in the third session.

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