Itou Asuka photo session

Models Itou Asuka (ƣ)
Inoue Eri
Event Itou Asuka photo session
Location Shirogane Kouen
Kagurazaka Studio
Date 2002.11.10
Time 13:30 - 19:30
Cost 12000 yen

Itou Asuka's first photo session took place on November 10, 2002. There were three sessions, 1) outdoors in a park, 2) indoors in a house studio, and 3) one-to-one in a bedroom. There were 12 people who participated, and the cost was 12000 yen for all three sessions. (Everyone who participated went to all three sessions.)

Inoue Eri (former Kira Melo 2nd class student) came as a guest.

Asuka also gave a signature board to all of the Itou Asuka fan club members that participated (4 out of 12).

The photo session was supposed to start at 13:00, but Asuka and the staff were caught in traffic, so they were late! They arrived around 13:30, and the photo session began around 13:45. The last session ended around 19:30.

The first session was held in a small park, Shirogane Kouen, which was near Kagurazaka subway station (also near Iidabashi). Asuka wore a frilly white top, and a long black skirt. We took pictures at various locations in the park. But the park was fairly crowded with neighborhood people..

The first session lasted around one hour and a half.

The second session took place in a house studio which was across the street from the park. The 12 people were broken up into 3 groups of 4, and each group took turns taking pictures. While one group was taking pictures of Asuka, another group was taking pictures of Eri, and the third group rested.

For the second session, Asuka wore a pink towel (over her pink bikini) in the first shooting, and a pink bikini for the second shooting. Asuka said that this was her first (and probably last) time that she will appear in a swimsuit. (^_^;

The final session was a 3 minute one-to-one photo session in a bedroom. Asuka wore a very frilly white dress.

photo notes

I took 421 photos with my D60 with 388 of them worth saving. I brought my D30 too, but I didn't use it.

My photo breakdown for each session was as follows.

first session 222
second session 122
  (Asuka towel) 36
  (Eri) 27
  (Asuka bikini) 33
  (Eri) 26
third session 44

For the outdoor photo session, we used a couple reflectors, and it was basically bright enough. For the indoor sessions, there were two large Comet strobes, and those were set up for some of the shootings (F5.6 at ISO 100). But when the Comets were in use by another group, my Canon friends and I set up three Speedlite 550EXs in a master/slave configuration, and used that for the lighting.

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