Miyanishi Noa photo session

Models Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
Event Miyanishi Noa photo session
Location Studio Pia (Ogikubo)
Date 2002.01.26
Time 11:00 - 16:00
Cost 17000 yen

Miyanishi Noa's sixth photo session took place on January 26, 2002 at Studio Pia in Ogikubo (Nishiogikubo station is a little closer). This "studio" was just a big house, and we took pictures of Noa in various rooms, with various clothes. Since it was all indoors, we used some small studio lamps, but it was still pretty dark.

It was a very fun photo session, and Noa wore lots of cute clothes.

Noa's first oufit was an orange sweater over a white short sleeve sweater, and a very short mini skirt. Then she took off the orange sweater for some more pictures. We took pictures in a second floor study room.

Noa's second outfit was a red Milk shirt, and a jeans skirt. We took pictures in a third floor (attic) bedroom.

Noa's third outfit was a yellow based multi colored checkered one piece. We took pictures in a second floor bedroom.

Noa's fourth outfit was a grey no-sleeve sweater. We took pictures in a first floor dining room.

photo notes

I took 287 pictures with my EOS D30 (210 worth keeping), and about half a roll (36) of Konica Sinbi 200 with the EOS-7.

I have seen a EOS 1D in action.. I want one. (^_^; But I can't afford it. (;_;)

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