Miyanishi Noa photo session

Models Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
Event Miyanishi Noa photo session
Location Studio Form (Yamanashi)
Date 2002.08.31
Time 11:30 - 15:30
Cost 20000 yen

Miyanishi Noa's thirteenth photo session took place on August 31, 2002, at Studio Form in Uenohara, Yamanashi. Uenohara is about 50km west of Shinjuku. Studio Form is a house studio, which means it's a big fancy house build to take pictures and movies.

Everyone took the train to Uenohara (from Hachiouji). It was a 45 minute train ride, as it took a long stop in Sagamiko to wait for one of the limited express trains to pass us. So we were able to take some pictures of Noa at the train station (^_^;

Noa's first outfit was a white, sleeveless top with pink flowers, and a long white skirt. We took pictures outside, on a wooden swing and near a small building.

Then we went inside the house, and took pictures on a white sofa and a bed. For the indoor photos, we used a large flash that was connected via a synchro cord. There was also another large slave flash.

Noa's second outfit was a white sleeveless top with cute frills, and a black and white striped skirt (above the knees). I thought this was the best oufit of the day, but we didn't take many pictures as we were running out of time.

Noa's last outfit was a white one piece.

photo notes

I took 202 photos with my D60 (184 worth saving) and 27 photos with my D30 (18 worth saving). Since the indoor photos were taken using the flash, I couldn't take as many pictures as I usually do. [D60]

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