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  • Miyanishi Noa photo session

    Models Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
    Event Miyanishi Noa photo session
    Location Studio Pia Eifukuchou
    Date 2003.01.19
    Time 10:30 - 15:30
    Cost 18000 yen

    Miyanishi Noa's sixteenth photo session took place on January 19, 2003, at Studio Pia in Eifukuchou.

    Noa's first outfit was a pink, no sleeve, turtleneck sweater and a dark pink skirt (with white and pink dog designs). We took pictures while she sat and lied down on a sofa in the living room.

    For lighting, we only used three eye lamps and natural lighting (plus normal room lighting).

    Noa's second outfit was a white, short sleeve, turtleneck sweater and a checkered mini skirt (white, red, black). We took pictures by a window near the stairs. The light was provided by the light coming in from the window, but it was cloudy and not always very bright.

    Then there was a break for lunch, and Noa ate ramen.

    Noa's third outfit was a sleeveless, black and white checkered one piece (probably summer). We took pictures while she sat and lied down on a bed.

    Noa's last outfit was the same as the first outfit. This time we took pictures as she sat at a desk.

    photo notes

    I took 343 photos with my D60 (261 worth saving).

    It wasn't that bright, so the AF on the D60 had lots of trouble focusing. I used the center AF spot for the first time, as the outer points wouldn't focus. I used ISO200, and tried to keep the shutter speed above 1/60, so most pics were taken at F2.2 to F2.8 (with a F1.4 or F1.8 lens).

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