Seven Power Lunch and Photo Session

Event Seven Power Lunch and Photo Session
Location Jinguu Mae Kumin Kaikan (Harajuku)
Date 2001.12.02
Time 11:30- 15:30
Cost 10000 yen
Guests Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)
Akimoto Noe
Hayashi Akari
Ono Akiko
Agarita Aki
Sonoda Mayu
Nanazono Miri
Tajima Chika
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.12.05

The last Orions Belt fan club event for 2001 took place on December 2. It was a lunch and photo session event. It took place in one room (with a kitchen) in a public building, so it wasn't that spacious.

The first hour or so was lunch, where the fans (around 20 participated) ate curry rice and spaghetti that was prepared by the girls. There were around 10 girls who participated. During lunch, and even before while the girls were cooking, photos/videos/whatever was allowed.

Then after lunch, everyone was free to take pictures, get signatures, talk to the girls, whatever. (^_^; But it had to be done inside the room, or on the small balcony.

Noa was wearing a pink sweater and mini skirt. Her apron (while she was cooking/eating) was white with strawberries.

At the end (last 30 minutes or so), there was a present corner where each of the girls brought a present. They pulled numbers out of a box, and about half of the fans won (as there were 20 fans and 10 girls). I won a present by Hayashi Akari.

photo notes

I just brought my EOS-7, and took 4 rolls (36) of Fuji Trebi 100C.

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