Inoue Kikuko stage at Playstation Expo '95 (Main Stage)

Inoue Kikuko stage at Playstation Expo '95
Main Stage, Playstation Expo '95, Harumi
12:00 - 12:40
Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
Otakki Sasaki (おたっきい佐々木) [director of Twilight Syndrome]
"Megakira" Shiraishi (目がキラ白石) [horror movie expert, from Human]
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There was an Inoue Kikuko event on the main stage at Playstation Expo '95 at 12:00 on October 7, 1995, held by Human. The stage area was fenced off, and they allowed 250 people to sit in front of the stage.

As Kikuko's line from Twilight Syndrome played in the background, "Watashitachi zettaini shinjinai konomede hontouni miru made ha" (we won't believe it, until we see it with our own eyes), Kikuko came onto the stage. Kikuko was wearing a blue one-piece (maybe that's not what it's called..) with red flower designs, over a white long sleeve shirt.

Kikuko: Did any of you listen to the radio last night?
[most of the people raised their hands]
Kikuko: A half year ago when I started this radio show, I was very worried. Since I'm the boke role, I couldn't do it alone. But they said that the listeners could help me out. So today I want to talk about the things I remember from doing the radio show.

Kikuko: Whenever I have guests, I'm so happy and I get so excited that my voice changes. I was very happy when the cute girls Iwao Junko and Hisakawa Aya came. The other day after a recording session for Rayearth, I went out to dinner with Aya and she treated me for my birthday present. It was a lot of fun.

Kikuko: I remember that the first broadcast. It took 8 hours to record. There were so many things that I didn't know. But recently it takes about 3 hours.

Kikuko: Also when I read all of the letters, I feel how wonderful the listeners are. When I make a mistake I always worry about it, but everyone tells me that it's all right. I'm very happy with the letters.

Kikuko: There is a CD with the same name Twilight Syndrome. That was scary, but it was fun too. I even sang a song too. Oh, I sang a song yesterday for the new Manbou Housoukyoku CD too. It's called Family Sentai Kazoku-man.

Kikuko: The name for the new radio show has been decided. Can you guess what it is? You think it's Manbou Housoukyoku right? But it isn't. It's called Ruri Iro Aquarium.

Then Kikuko took questions from the audience.

Q: You signed a lot of books at the signing event last week. Is your hand all right?
Kikuko: Thank you for worrying about me. I'm fine.

Q: What is the meaning of the title of the new radio show?
Kikuko: I think I'll talk about it on the first broadcast. I choose the "ruri iro" myself. It's a very strange color, that is different to different people. So one can have various feelings, depending on the person.

Then "Megakira" Shiraishi came onto the stage to talk a little bit about the games that Human was showing off in their booth, Twilight Syndrome, Puppet Zoo Pilomy, Firemen 2, and Hyper Formation Soccer.

Kikuko: I've played it before, and I just played it in the booth a little while ago, and it's scary. With headphones, the 3D sound is very scary.

Kikuko is doing the narration in Puppet Zoo Pilomy too. It is a bilingual game, and some of the narration is done by Lucy Kent, a DJ on J-Wave (a Japanese radio station).

Kikuko [about Hyper Formation Soccer]: Even the people who don't have the ball are running around. When you really play soccer, you get very tired. But with this you can play and not get tired.. I'm not very good at running, but with this game, I can play soccer.

After they were finished showing off the games, Otakki Sasaki came back onto the stage, and they talked about the Twilight Syndrome drama CD. There are seven drama tracks of scary stories, with three high school girls as the main characters. One of the girl's voice was done by Kikuko. Also the eighth track on this CD was a song by Kikuko.

Then Kikuko sang Fushigi na Anata (不思議なあなた), the song from the Twilight Syndrome CD. This was the first time that she had sung this song live.

After the song, Inoue Kikuko, Otakki Sasaki, and Megakira Shiraishi sat down and talked about Kikuko's radio show a little bit. Her "Twilight Syndrome" ended, but "Ruri Iro Aquarium" will start and it will be aired at the same time.

At the end, Kikuko said, "Tomorrow, there will be.."
Otakki Sasaki and Megakira Shiraishi looked at her.
Kikuko said, "Oh, was that supposed to be a secret? Ha ha ha ha.."

[Kikuko was going to say that she was going to come again for events the next day.. ^_^]

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