Venus Project Live Challenge to the Legends Vol.3

Event Venus Project Live Challenge to the Legends Vol.3
Location Yotsuya Outbreak
Date 2015.10.25
Time 18:00 - 20:30
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Hayase Marika (轲)
Himesaki Ami
Tanabe Rui (α)
Nemoto Ruka (ή)
Nakanishi Yuuka
Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Sakurai Tomo ()
Ohta Takako
Kousaka Atsushi
Suzumiya Maki
Cost 2500 yen + drink (500 yen)
  • event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2015.10.28

The Venus Project Live Challenge to the Legends Vol.3 took place on October 25, 2015. This was the third live where the Venus Project members invited seiyuu "legends", and the guests were Inoue Kikuko and Sakurai Tomo. However, one unannounced guest, Ohta Takako, also appeared.

This event took place in the Yotsuya Outbreak live house, which was much smaller (narrower) than the Shibuya live houses for the previous Legend Lives, Challenge to the Legends Vol.1 and Challenge to the Legends Vol.2.

This live house was wide enough for maybe 12 or 13 people, tightly packed. The stage was also as narrow, so all of the guests couldn't fit across the stage.

My ticket number was 59 for this event, so I thought I wouldn't be too far in the back. But since the live house was so narrow, I ended up in the 5th row. I went to the right side, as Sawako is usually on the right side a lot.

The stage was around knee high (maybe a little higher than the Shibuya live houses), but I could only see the heads of the performers. For the shorter girls, I could only see the top of their heads.. (;_;)

There were probably close to 200 people. It was very packed all the way to the back, and it was also very hot.
(By the way, it was a very nice and cool fall evening outside..)

The event started at 18:00, with an opening talk by Suzumiya Maki. She made the standard announcements, and the live started at 18:08.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Venus Drive (Sawako, Ami)
  • introductions by Kousaka Atsushi [no talk by seiyuu]
  • Shootin Star (Marika)
  • Kimi Collector (Rui)
  • Koijigawa (Ami)
  • Ai Oboeteimasuka (Tomo)
  • talk (Marika, Rui, Ami, Tomo)
  • 1,2,3,4 (Ruka)
  • Strawberry Jet Coaster (Yuuka)
  • Aoi Kaze (Sawako)
  • Mainichi ga Birthday (Kikuko)
  • talk (Ruka, Yuuka, Sawako, Kikuko)
  • announcements
  • audio drama with live band (everyone)
    • Aoi Ichibyou (Rui) [band version]
    • Croque Mademoiselle (Ruka) [band version]
    • Mint Flavor (Marika) [band version]
  • Love Sarigenaku (Takako) [band version]
  • talk (everyone)
  • Tenshi no Enogu (Marika, Rui, Ruka, Tomo)
  • My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai (Sawako, Ami, Kikuko)
  • talk
  • Mirai no Zahyou (everyone)
  • [encore] Tenshi no Ichigeki (Venus Project)
  • [encore] Venus Drive (everyone)
Sawako was wearing a black one piece outfit (for Halloween). There were little black wings on her back. She had a flower in her hair, on the right side. She was also wearing short black boots. VERY cute and beautiful!

The other Venus Project regulars were wearing.. I couldn't see well enough.

Kikuko and Tomo both were wearing white outfits.

The new information that they gave out during the "announcements" were as follows.

  • The event planned for 11/22 has been canceled.
  • There will be some sort of Venus Project event starting on 12/12 at Asagaya Anime Street. It will last about one month.
  • The guests for the next Legends live (2016.01.11) will be Iwao Junko (˽) and Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳).
    [unfortunately I won't be in Japan on that date..]

The audio drama was over 20 minutes, and had a live band playing music in the background. There were also three songs during the drama, and the band played the music for the songs.

There were two rows of mikes on the left side of stage. The front row was (from left to right) Ami, Rui, Ruka. The back row was Sawako (left) and Marika (right).

There was also one mike on the right side, in front of the band. This was there Rui, Ruka, and Marika sang their solo songs.

Kikuko and Tomo played the roles of Seira and Meimi. When Kikuko and Tomo had some lines, they stood along the wall on the left side of the Venus Project cast.

The story of the audio drama takes place after the Venus Project TV series. This was a very nice and emotional story. At the end, just before Marika was going to sing, it looked like she had tears in her eyes.

Also just before Marika's song, both Tomo and Kikuko said their lines from Kaitou Saint Tail.

For "My Heart Iidasenai Your Heart Tashikametai", Ami and Sawako sang the first part. Then Kikuko came out for the second part, and they stood: Ami (left), Kikuko (center), Sawako (right). Ami and Sawako sang in very cute voices.
[This was the highlight of the event!]

This event was around 2 and a half hours, much longer than the previous events.

After the event, there was a "high touch" session for those who bought over 2000 yen of goods. Only the regular Venus Project members participated in the high touch session.

They started selling the Halloween version of the character badges.

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