Anime Pia Channel public broadcast

Event Anime Pia Channel public broadcast
Location Joy Sound Shinagawa
Date 2015.11.26
Time 19:40 - 21:40
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Maeda Rena
Takao Yuki
Minobe Tatsuhiro
Haruna Runa
Cost 3000 yen
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On November 26, 2015 there was a public broadcast for the internet show Anime Pia Channel. The regular members of Anime Pia Channel were Hata Sawako, Maeda Rena, Takao Yuki, and Minobe Tatsuhiro. The special guest for this broadcast was anime song singer Haruna Runa.

They let in by numbers at 19:15, and closed the doors at 19:40, as scheduled. The event was held in a large room on the second floor.

There was a knee high stage in the front of the room. There were 8 rows of 8 chairs. Maybe a little more in the final row. The chairs were quite a distance away from the stage, so even the front row wasn't that close.

I was number 20, and got a seat in the 3rd row middle.

There were 5 seats on the stage, a large monitor in front of the stage, two stage lights, one video camera on a tripod, and Haruna Runa posters on back wall.

At around 19:50, Minobe Tatsuhiro came out on the stage, and talked for a bit. He said Sawako was the main personality today, and she would come out next. Then Sawako came out and made some announcements.

Sawako was wearing a grey (or maybe light purple?) long sleeve sweater, and a long white skirt. She had a flower clip in her hair (left side).

At around 19:55, Yuki and Rena came out.

At 20:00, the event and the broadcast started. Maeda Rena sang "Eternal Wind". Then Sawako sang "Iki mo dekinai" (the OP from the Chuuka Ichiban anime). Then Sawako and Rena sang "The Peace" together.

I tried watching the niconico broadcast on my tablet also. There was a 30 second to 1 minute delay.

After the Anime Pia Channel opening song finished, they called for the guest, Haruna Runa.

They talked with Runa, and they also played some games. There were Christmas cakes for the girls to eat, but there were only three of them for the four girls. So they had to play three games to determine who would be left out.

They played two of the three games during the free broadcast, which ended around 21:00.

At 21:00 they did the fashion check.

At around 21:17, Sawako and Rena sang the Youkai Watch song, and Runa danced. Runa was a big fan of Youkai Watch, and she knew the dance.

Then they showed some of Runa's childhood photos. She was cosplaying when she was little.

At the end, they played the third game for the Christmas cake. Yuki was the loser, so everyone except Yuki ate one piece of the Christmas cake.

The broadcast ended at around 21:30. After that, the guests gave their final messages, and left.

After all the guests left, it was the present corner. The staff said that there were some envelopes taped to the bottom of the chairs, and that the presents were written on the paper in the envelopes. Then they rushed everyone out before 21:50.

For this event they used a web based ticket instead of a paper ticket. You had to show the ticket that was displayed on a smartphone screen to enter the event.

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