Shinken Extra Flamberge Montauban Night

Event Shinken Extra Flamberge Montauban Night
Location Shirobaco Cafe (Asagaya)
Date 2016.03.19
Time 17:30 - 19:00
20:00 - 21:30
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Takeshita Reina
Kawabata Shiori
Arai Miwa (20:00 only)
Tsukahara Yoshihiro (͸)
Cost 3000 yen (includes CD+drink)
Broadcast niconico

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The Flamberge Montauban Night events took place on March 19, 2016 at Shirobaco Cafe. This was part of the Shinken and Shirobaco collaboration that was taking place at the cafe this week.

Flamberge Montauban was a character in the game Shinken, voiced by Hata Sawako. This was an event where Sawako sang the character songs for Flamberge for the first time.

There were two sessions at 17:30 and 20:00. Both sessions were similar, but not exactly the same.

Both of these events were broadcast live on niconico. All of the songs and talk were broadcast.
[click here for some information and screenshots from the broadcast]

For both events, they let in around 30 minutes before the event started, at 17:00 and 19:30. They let in by numbers. It was an all standing event, and people stood wherever they wanted.

I was number 55 for the first live, and number 7 for the second. There were probably 80 tickets sold, but there were some no shows at the higher numbers.

I stood in the second row dead center for the first event, as many people just spread out. For the second event I stood in the front row, slightly off to the right. There seemed to be more people for the second event.

The event ticket was 3000 yen, but this included the 2000 yen CD and one collaboration drink. The Flamberge drink was an orange tea, which had a small slice of a real orange.

Before the event started, they sold tickets for a signed A3 sized poster for 700 yen. The posters were handed out by each seiyuu at the end of the event.

For the second event, they also sold tickets for a signed CD (2000 yen+tax), which was also handed out after the event.
Both the posters and CDs were pre-signed.

Both sessions were around one hour each (excluding the presents corner and the poster session), and were pretty similar. There was more talk in the first session, as Arai Miwa only came for the second session.

The songs for the two sessions were as follows.

17:30 session
  • Hata Sawako: Pigeon Blanc
  • Hata Sawako: Les Petits Poissons
  • Takeshita Reina: Chou no Yume
  • Takeshita Reina: Butterfly
  • Kawabata Shiori: Koi ha Umauma
  • Hata Sawako: Sakurazuki
  • Hata Sawako: Pigeon Blanc
  • everyone: Ancestral Sin
20:00 session
  • Hata Sawako, Arai Miwa: Pigeon Blanc
  • Hata Sawako: Sakurazuki
  • Takeshita Reina: Chou no Yume
  • Takeshita Reina: Butterfly
  • Kawabata Shiori: Koi ha Umauma
  • Arai Miwa: Muramasa
  • Hata Sawako, Arai Miwa: Pigeon Blanc (guitar only)
  • Hata Sawako, Arai Miwa: Les Petits Poissons
  • everyone: Ancestral Sin
  • everyone: Ancestral Sin (acoustic)

Sawako was wearing the same "Flamberge cosplay outfit" that she wore in the January (Shinken! Shinshun Standing Live) event. It was a grey school uniform type blazer and skirt, a black hoodie, white blouse, blue tie, black over the knee socks, and brown shoes. It was a pretty good cosplay of her character. Sawako's hair was straight for both sessions.

Details of the events below.

17:30 session

The event opened with Sawako walking onto the stage. There was also a guitarist (Mr. Tsukahara) sitting on the right side of the stage.

Sawako sang two songs, "Pigeon Blanc" and "Les Petits Poissons". Mr. Tsukahara played the guitar (a double neck guitar), but there was also the karaoke track playing in the background.

The first song was a very difficult song, and it seemed like Sawako had trouble singing it. She sang it in a pretty low voice. The second song was a cute song, and Sawako sang it in a cute voice. Sawako smiled and moved a lot more when singing the second song.

After the songs, there was a short talk about the songs by Sawako and Mr. Tsukahara (the guitarist and also song writer).

Then Sawako went off the stage, and Reina came onto the stage. Reina sang her two character image songs, "Chou no Yume" and "Butterfly".

After Reina, Shiori came onto the stage and sang her character song, "Koi ha Umauma".

Then Sawako came back onto the stage. Sawako sang two more songs, "Sakurazuki" and "Pigeon Blanc". Then the event ended.

But there was an encore, and everyone came back onto the stage to sing "Ancestral Sin". Then everyone (including Mr. Tsukahara) said their final messages.

At the end, there was a drawing for prizes. There were two signature boards and four signed posters.

20:00 session

The 20:00 session started about 10 minutes late. The first song was "Pigeon Blanc" by Sawako. But Miwa was also on the stage, to sing the background vocals. It seemed Sawako sang much better with Miwa singing along.

The Miwa went off the stage, and Sawako sang "Sakurazuki" by herself.

After Sawako, Reina sang "Chou no Yume" and "Butterfly".

Then Shiori sang "Koi ha Umauma".

After Shiori, Arai Miwa sang "Muramasa".

Then Sawako, Miwa, and Mr. Tsukahara came onto the stage. Sawako sang "Pigeon Blanc" with only the guitar and Miwa's background vocals. Then Sawako and Miwa sang "Les Petits Poissons".

For the encore, everyone came back to sing "Ancestral Sin". After the song, there were some final messages, but when Mr. Tsukahara was giving his message, the girls convinced him to play "Ancestral Sin", and they all sang one verse of it.

At the end, there was a drawing for prizes. There were four signed posters and two signature boards.

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