Aba Fes

Event Aba Fes
Location Misono Universe (Osaka)
Date 2016.03.21
Time 17:00 - 18:00 (Venus Project stage)
Guests Venus Project
  Hata Sawako (»)
  Hayase Marika (轲)
  Nemoto Ruka (ή)
Cost 3000 yen + drink
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The Aba Fes event was an all day long event with many idol groups, bands, and even pro-wrestling attractions. Venus Project was one of the guests, and the members who participated were Hata Sawako, Hayase Marika, and Nemoto Ruka. Many of the groups performed at both events.

This was the second of two events in Osaka this day. The first event was the Zettai Seiiki -Sanctuary- event.

The Venus Project stage was scheduled to start at 16:30, so I went in around 16:00. But they were over 30 minutes late.

The Misono Universe had a very large stage and hall area. There was also a pro-wrestling ring in the middle. The stage was pretty high, around 10 meters or more wide.

This event was much more crowded than the previous one, and there were over 100 people in the crowd.

The Venus Project stage was scheduled to start at 16:30, but it started 40 minutes late at 17:10. Unlike the previous event, many of the non Venus Project fans stayed near the stage, so I got a second row position in the far left.

The Venus Project stage was basically the same as the previous event. It was around 35 minutes and flowed as follows.

  • Venus Drive [Sawako, Marika]
  • Shooting Star [Marika, Ruka]
  • Mirai no Zahou [Sawako, Ruka]
  • introductions and talk (around 5 minutes)
  • Evolve [Marika]
  • Aoi Kaze [Sawako]
  • Croque Mademoiselle [Ruka]
  • Yume no Tsubasa [Sawako, Marika, Ruka]
The girls were wearing the same outfits as in the earlier event, the Venus Project outfits.

The high touch session started at 18:04. It took place near the entrance, but it was still very loud because the other groups were performing. I just went twice and left so I can return to Tokyo at a decent time.

trip to Osaka

There were two events in Osaka this day, so a little about my "trip" to and from Osaka..

Since the Venus Project stage for the first event was scheduled to start at 12:20, I tried to arrive around noon.

I took the shinkansen that left Tokyo Station at 8:40. It arrived in Shin Osaka at 11:13. From there I took one subway to Doubutsuen-Mae and transfered to another subway to get to Ebisucho. Wktk Theatre was close to Ebisucho and I arrived at 11:55.

walk from Wktk Theatre to Misono Universe

The second event was going to take place at the Misono Universe, which was within walking distance from the Wktk Theatre.

Since I had a couple hours to kill, I walked around the anime and game shops. I went to Animate, Gamers, a couple game centers, and some other anime shops.

I found the Misono Universe building, and then headed to find some lunch in the Namba area.

I ate at a takoyaki stand that claimed to be the number 1 most delicious takoyaki in Osaka. The takoyaki was cheap, but they were very small with hardly any octopus inside. I doubt very much that this is the best tasting takoyaki in Osaka. If there is a next time, I'll try some other takoyaki.

Then I went to the Starbucks near Namba Station, and played a lot of School Idol Festival.

trip from Osaka

After the high touch session at Aba Fes, I rushed to Nanba station. I took the subway to Shin Osaka, and got there around 18:40.

I tried to get reserved seats on any train to Tokyo, but the next one with seats was 20:40! I didn't want to wait 2 hours and get back to Tokyo that late, so I decided to take a chance with the non-reserved seats. I went to the platform and lined up at the very rear car, and was able to find a seat on the 18:50 Nozomi.

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