Short Short Roudoku and Sokkyou Live

Event Short Short Roudoku and Sokkyou Live
Location Pole Pole Za (Higashi Nakano)
Date 2016.09.28
Time 20:00 - 22:30
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Tamaru Masatomo (writer)
Cost 2500 yen

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This was an event by writer Tamaru Masatomo, who specializes in writing "short shorts" (very short stories). Hata Sawako was the guest.

I arrived at around 19:20, and there were around 30 people lined up in front of and around the building. They let in at 19:30 as announced. We were led to a small room at the back of the cafe.

There was a small wooden stage. In front of the stage, the first two rows were benches. There were also five more rows of chairs, with around 10 people per row.
I sat in the 4th row.

There was a chair in the center of stage with stand mike. There was a chair and table with a computer on the right side.

The event started at 20:00. Sawako walked into the room, and when she got to the stage, she started reading a story. The story was "Sakanaya to Boku", and Sawako read about 5 minutes of the story. It wasn't the whole story.

Sawako was wearing a red beret hat. Her hair was mostly tucked in. She was wearing a navy (or green?) long sleeve one piece, with a white collar. She wore white socks and black shoes.

Then Masatomo walked in. Sawako sat in the middle, and the staff brought out a table in front of her. Masatomo sat at the table with the computer.

Then there was a 30 minute talk session. Masatomo and Sawako talked about meeting each other for the first time at the recording studio. This was Sawako's first work at reading a story.

At 20:35, they went to Masatomo's presentation. Sawako said that she wasn't told what she was going to do, and Masatomo said that she didn't have to prepare anything.

Masatomo showed some slides to introduce "short shorts". He said that they would make some short shorts together.

Masatomo asked Sawako to think of 10 nouns. Then he asked her to write words that come to her mind. Then he asked her to think about some phrases.

After Sawako came up with 10 or so phrases, Masatomo reorganized the lines and started writing a story. While he was writing, Sawako added some more "funny" ideas.

As they were running out of time, Masatomo asked Sawako to just talk while he worked on the story. Masatomo finished the story at around 21:40, and then he had Sawako read it out.

At the end, Masatomo said this story that they just created, and one other that he will write will be released in a few months.

The event ended at 21:50.

After the event, there was a signing session (both Masatomo and Sawako) for those who are members of the book download service, or those who bought one of Masatomo's books at the event.
I bought one book and went to the signing session.

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