Usagi Gumi handshake session

Event Usagi Gumi handshake session
Location Animate Akihabara
Date 1998.01.22
Time 11:00 - 12:00
16:00 - 17:00
Cost 2000 yen (SG goods)
Guests Okada Junko (Ľ)
Konno Hiromi ()
Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
Okamoto Asami (㸫)
Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
Suzuki Urarako ()
  • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.02.07

There was an Usagi Gumi handshake session at Animate Akihabara on January 22, 1998. People who bought over 2000 yen of Sentimental Graffiti goods (character goods, CD, LD, books, etc) were given tickets for the event.

Only five of the six Usagi Gumi members were able to make the first session, as Suzuki Urarako had a test that day. (She's still a college student.) But Urarako did make it in time for the second session.

I think there were around 200 tickets given away for each session.

Since there were that many people, the handshake session went by VERY fast.

For the first session, the girls stood from left to right:

Okada Junko Okamoto Asami Makishima Yuki Konno Hiromi Nishiguchi Yuka

For the second session, the girls stood from left to right:

Suzuki Urarako Konno Hiromi Makishima Yuki Okamoto Asami Nishiguchi Yuka Okada Junko

Junko was wearing a white shirt, a maroon colored overall-style one piece, and a black hat.

Yuka was wearing a sailor-style shirt.

Everything went by so fast I don't remember what everyone else was wearing.

This day, the Chuou-line trains were stopped for a while, so I was almost late for the first session. But since the time didn't matter, there was no problem.

For the second session, I arrived at Animate at exactly 16:00, and there was a van right outside. This van was the car holding the Usagi Gumi girls! The girls rushed out of the van, and ran into the elevator. Junko was the last one.

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