Onihama event at Sakuraya Hobby Kan

Event Onihama
Location Sakuraya Hobby Kan (Shinjuku)
Date 2005.06.30
Time 17:00 - 20:40
Cost free
Guests Nomizu Iori (˿)

There was an event for the PS2 game Onihama (a pachinko slot game) that went on sale June 30, 2005. There were several girls (and guys) dressed up in high school sailor fuku, and boys school outfits (in 70's and 80's style). The girls were passing out wet tissue and a card advertising the game. It was free to watch, but those who bought the game were able to be surrounded by the girls and get cheered.

One of the girls was Nomizu Iori, so I went to take pictures of her. I went just before 20:00 and it was scheduled to end at 20:00, but they kept going until past 20:40. Iori was dressed up as a boy, but was still cute.

photo notes

I used my 20D with just the cheap zoom (EF24-85mm F3.5-4.5), and took only 7 photos. I had to use the on-camera flash.

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