Pic2ic Street Live

Event Pic2ic Street Live
Location Akihabara Station
Date 2007.06.03
Time 13:00 - 13:30
Guests Pic2ic
Cost free
  • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.06.09

I went to Akihabara today to buy parts for another PC, and while I was walking near the station (in front of Yodobashi), I saw a group of four girls wearing outfits that looked a lot like Bronze Parrot waitress uniforms! One of them was very cute.

They were singing some songs, and surrounded by a big group of people, many carrying cameras and video cameras. Unfortunately I only had my cell phone.. (;_;)

It seems the girls are a new group called Pic2ic (pronounced picnic).

The girls are as follows.

  • Makabe Mao ()
  • Nanto Manami (Ͱ)
  • Hiura Yukari (ɹ)
  • Miyama Ran ()
Nanto Manami was VERY cute!

Pic2ic's official site is http://pic2ic.j-888.com/

Not much info there yet. Each of the girls have their own blogs. It says there will be a photo session in June.

I took videos of the last three songs with my cell phone.

  • 17 Sai
  • Yumebouken
  • ? (an original song by Pic2ic)
I don't know if there were any songs before I arrived.

The girls sang pretty well, and they danced very cute dances.

Manami later changed her name to Kitta Izumi (Ĥ).

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