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  • Buzz Vibits broadcast

    Buzz Vibits broadcast
    Taito Game Center, Shibuya
    19:30 - 21:00
    Okano Kousuke
    Nakayama Manami (滳)
    • Report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.01.07

    My first event of the year! (^_^;)
    [The first seiyuu I saw this year was Nakayama Manami.]

    There was a surprise guest at the Buzz Vibits broadcast this week. Okano Kousuke was the guest. Manami said she called him up, and asked if he was free. Kousuke was free, so he just came.
    [I wish Manami would call up some female seiyuu guests.. ^_^;]

    Manami announced that she will be 24 years old this year. (She didn't say 24, but she's obviously not 12 or 36..) Her birthday is 1/29. The closest broadcast to her birthday is 1/27.

    Manami was wearing a yellow and black sweater.

    Kousuke was wearing a blue sweatshirt, and if he wasn't in the booth, he would look just like a normal person playing games at a game center..

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