Kira Kira Melody Gakuen mini stage - 07/23 15:10

Event Kira Kira Melody Gakuen mini stage
Date 2000.07.23
Time 15:10
Seiyuu Nagai Kasumi (ʰ椫)
Ousawa Rena
Yamada Satoko
Kanzaki Mayumi
Ohhashi Risa
Mizuta Yuka

On 7/23 at 15:10, the Kira Melo mini stage event featured the second class students, Ohhashi Risa (12), Mizuta Yuka (42), Kanzaki Mayumi (19), Yamada Satoko (48), Nagai Kasumi (33), and Ousawa Rena (11).

The six girls came out wearing yukata! Ohhashi Risa was the emcee.

Kasumi was wearing a blue/dark blue yukata. She had hair clips on both sides of her hair.. VERY CUTE!

They all introduced themselves. Then they all answered various questions about each other.

Who do you think looks the worst without makeup?
Kasumi said that it must be Mayumi, because Mayumi always wears makeup even during the rehearsals. She said that she had never seen Mayumi without makeup.

Who has the most ura/omote?
Many people said Kasumi. Satoko said that Kasumi acts very cute in front of fans, but she isn't always that way. Satoko said tha Kasumi is the most scary one.

Who is most popular?
Kasumi said that Satoko was liked by both guys and girls, as she was very cool.

Then they all sang and danced "Odoru Houkago".

At the end, when they were saying their final messages, Mizuta Yuka started crying, a LOT. Since Satoko and Yuka were "transferring" from Melody Gakuen, this was their last event. Satoko said that she wouldn't cry, and that she would always have a smile.

[Tokyo Character Show 2000]

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