Tomo Natsu 99 in Akasaka Blitz

Event Tomo Natsu 99
Location Akasaka Blitz
Date 1999.08.20
Time 18:30 - 12:15
Guests Sakurai Tomo ()
Cost 4500 yen
  • Report version 0.6 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.08.22.

Sakurai Tomo's annual summer concert for 1999 was held at Akasaka Blitz (the Tokyo session) on August 20. There were only about 500 people (300 fan club members, 200 others). But the first floor of the Akasaka Blitz was pretty full, as there was a circular stage in the middle of the crowd, representing an "island". The real stage was the "beach", and the crowd were "fishes" in the ocean.

Since I had normal tickets (not fan club), there weren't any seats left when I got in. I stood at the first row of the back half, which was elevated. So my view was great, better than if I was down where the seats were. Since everyone is standing for 90% of the concert, it didn't matter that I didn't have a seat.

During the first part of the concert, Tomo sang songs from her latest CD, Summer Holidays, and from Super Doll Licca-chan. Then she sang some of her older, "classic" concert songs in the second half, Sakurai Tomo Joukyuusha Course. Tomo also sang four songs for the encore.

My memory is not too good, so I'm not sure of the song list. Probably something like.. (but the order might be wrong)

  • Manatsu no Yoru no Mystery Tour
  • Summer Holiday
  • One Night Lesson
  • Ashita no Kimi
  • Sono Yume ha Nani Iro?
  • Destiny
  • Heart ni Message
  • [Tomo's talk]
  • Watashirashiku
  • Natsu Fuku no Shoujo
  • Kono Natsu Ichiban Hareta Hini
  • Kimi no Tame ni Ame wo Furasou
  • [Tomo's talk, playing with water guns]

    Sakurai Tomo Joukyuusha Course

  • GT Natsu Shounen
  • Baby Baby
  • Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki
  • Waracchaukedo Suki
  • Taiyou wo Agetai


  • Africa no Yume
  • Sapphire no Yoru
  • Hitasura Maemuki

For most of the concert, Tomo was wearing very skimpy clothes. (^_^;) She did come out to the middle "island" several times during the concert too.

Overall it was a very LOUD concert. Also there were many video cameras, and there will be a LD of this coming out later.

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