Sakurai Tomo signing session

Event Sakurai Tomo signing session in Ikebukuro
Location Toshima Kumin Center 6F (Ikebukuro)
Date 1996.02.25
Time 15:00 - ??:??
Guests Sakurai Tomo (綵唳證)
Cost 3000 yen (ACTRESS CD)
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.03

People who bought the Actress CD at Animate shops in Tokyo got a ticket to participate in the Sakurai Tomo signing (and handshake) session. There were around 300 people who participated.

The event took place on February 25, 1996 in a hall that was on the 6th floor of the Toshima Kumin Center. Sakurai Tomo was on the stage, and she shook hands with everyone and passed out the presigned signature boards. Tomo was wearing a red and black outfit.

Since everyone couldn't fit into the hall at once, they split it into two sessions. When everyone one group got into the hall, Tomo said her password (寧中蛻邯), which was:

  • ㄡ畸反 (February is) 丹戶 (Plum)
  • ㄢ畸反 (March is) 手手 (Peach)
  • ㄣ畸反 (April is) 綵 (Sakura)
  • 綵反 (Sakura is) 綵唳證〞 (Sakurai Tomo!)

While the handshake session was going on, there were some announcements made.

  • Tomo will appear at an event on Friday (3/1) and probably will sing some songs.
  • Tomo will appear at Tower Records Shibuya and be on the radio on 2/28. There is an open radio broadcast booth there.
  • There will be a little ticket in the three Sakurai Tomo CDs that are going on sale in February, March, April. By sending them in, one has a chance of winning an unreleased CD single.

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