Verdy vs Avispa (2001.09.22)

Game Verdy vs Avispa
Location Tokyo Stadium
Date 2001.09.22
Seiyuu Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

On Saturday, I went to the Tokyo Verdy 1969 soccer game. Of course it wasn't to watch the soccer game, but to watch the Veru Pola Girls. (^_^;

It was very cold.

The Veru Pola girls stand by the goods corner from 17:00 to 19:00. They let people into the stadium at 17:00, and the soccer game starts at 19:00. But they let the Verdy fan club members into the stadium at 16:40. I didn't think being a fan club member was beneficial, but I saw the Veru Pola girls come out at around 16:50. Lucky! So I went in. (^_^;

This time, they held "stage" like events every 15 minutes. The narrator girl talked about the Verdy design Polaroid camera (3200 yen) and some other Verdy goods. Then she introduced the Veru Pola Girls, who introduced themselves, and some Verdy goods.

Those who bought the Verdy design Polaroid camera were able to get their picture taken with the girls. But this time, they allowed us to get our picture taken with just one girl, instead of the whole group. So I got my picture taken with Noa. (^_^;

I also gave some pictures and stickers (that I made from the pictures) to Nao and Chieko.

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