Verdy vs Consadole (2001.10.13)

Game Verdy vs Consadole
Location Tokyo Stadium
Date 2001.10.13
Seiyuu Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

I went to the Verdy vs Consadole game on 10/13, but I only stay about one hour, as I had another event later that day.

This was a day game, so they let in at 13:00. It was very warm, and very sunny.

Starting with this game, they allowed the fans to take pictures of the Veru Pola Girls for three minutes at the beginning of the day (two hours before the start of the game). They also gave us three minutes right at the end (just before the start of the game).

In addition to the "stage events" every 15 minutes, the Veru Pola girls went out to pass out flyers to introduce themselves.

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