Verdy vs Gamba (2001.11.10)

Game Verdy vs Gamba
Location Tokyo Stadium
Date 2001.11.10
Seiyuu Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

I went to the Tokyo Verdy vs Gamba Osaka game on 11/10. This was a night game, and it was raining and pretty cold. The crowd was very small.

The Veru Pola girls wore their white fall/winter jacket over their normal Veru Pola outfits, but they were still pretty cold.

Since they didn't take polaroids of the people who bought the camera, I didn't buy one. Saved me 3200 yen! (^_^;

Tokyo Verdy won the game 3-2, so the Veru Pola girls also came out after the game too. Even though it was very cold, they were very happy.

Took pics, tried to take pics, but it was very dark.

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