Verdy vs FC Tokyo (2001.11.24)

Game Verdy vs FC Tokyo
Location Tokyo Stadium
Date 2001.11.24
Seiyuu Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

I went to the Tokyo Verdy vs FC Tokyo game on 11/24. This was the final game of the season, and it was a very important game for Verdy, as if they would lose, they would probably drop down to the J2 league.

I had to wake up early, as the soccer game started at 14:00. This meant that the Veru Pola girls will be selling the Veru Pola cameras starting 12:00. So I woke up before 9:00, got my camera ready, got the pics ready (that I printed out for the girls), and left.

This was the final game of the season, so it was VERY crowded. The Veru Pola girls came out wearing their white jackets. But since it was very warm and sunny, Nao and Chieko took off their jackets. But Noa kept her jacket on.

Since the crowd never stopped entering the stadium, it was very packed for the entire two hours before the game. It was pretty hard to take "long distance" pics of the girls, as the crowd of passers by kept getting in the way.

I bought another Veru Pola camera, and got my picture taken with all three girls.

Near the end of the second half of the game, the Veru Pola Girls went to the stands were the biggest group of Verdy fans were, and watched the game among the fans. (^_^;

After the game, since Tokyo Verdy won (1-0), the Veru Pola girls went to the store to sell the Veru Pola cameras again.

This might have been the last time that I would be able to meet the Veru Pola Girls, as it was uncertain if Verdy and Polaroid would do this again next year..

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