Cyberdoll Kei

Cyberdoll Kei (Cyber Doll Type Af-444LC-JPN) was a 21 year old intellectual cyberdoll who had an IQ of 50,000. She can even read 5,000,000 moves ahead when she plays shogi. Her date of creation was June 19th.

She's extremely intelligent, but as a 'humanoid computer', she is limited to hard numbers and facts. (i.e. when she's trying to cook something, and it says, 'use a little sugar', she gets confused, asking, "A little? How many grams is that?" before she shorts out temporarily.)

Kei's reason for staying at the Kasumi Sou are twofold - 1) she likes Kazuya and 2) she's trying to determine what about May (and now her) allows those emotions.

[Kei first appeared in episode 4]

Kei's voice is done by Minami Omi ().

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