Kitahara Anju

Kitahara Anju (̸ɼ) is a calm, quiet, cute high school student, who was a childhood friend of Yuu.

Anju's bloodtype is A.

Anju met Yuu when they were 12 years old. They became friends and played together a lot. Then Anju moved away, and they didn't see each other for 6 years. When Yuu came back from his trip to Kyuushuu, Anju met him on the platform of the train station.

Anju had loved Yuu ever since she was 12, and still loved him. But she told Miki, "I don't want to take him away from you. I just want to be second."

But Anju had a life threatening heart disease.. (;_;)

In the anime, Anju's voice is done by Inoue Kikuko (׻).

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