Marmalade Boy episode 1

Episode Title Koiga shitai Kakkoii kedo yurusenai
Air Date 1994.03.13
OP Egao ni Aitai
ED Sutekina Serenade

Koishikawa MikiKouda Mariko
Akizuki MeikoYamazaki Wakana
Matsuura YuuOkiayu Ryoutarou
Suou GintaKanemaru Junichi
Koishikawa JinTanaka Hideyuki
Koishikawa RumiKawanami Yoko
Matsuura YoujiShimada Bin
Matsuura ChiyokoEmori Hiroko
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.07.25
Miki was in her room writing in a diary to her best friend Meiko. Miki and Meiko were in second year of high school, and Miki wanted something to make the spring exciting. Then her mother called and asked if she wanted to eat some cake. Miki said that she would, and rushed down stairs.

When Miki was with her parents, they made a shocking announcement. Her parents said that they were going to get divorced. It was something to add excitement to her life, but this wasn't what Miki was expecting.

[Title screen]

At school, Miki told Meiko about her parents. Miki was very upset. Meiko couldn't believe it, saying that Miki's parents seemed very close to each other. They had even gone on a trip to Hawaii together recently. Then Miki said that that Hawaii trip caused all of this. Miki's parents met another couple, the Matsuura couple, on the trip. Miki's father fell in love with Mrs. Matsuura, and Miki's mother fell in love with Mr. Matsuura. They all decided to swap partners, and Miki was shocked.

Miki told Meiko that her parents were always a little strange, but this was going too far. Meiko said that it was funky and much better than her own parents. Meiko's parents both had affairs and didn't love each other any more. But they didn't divorce each other. Meiko said that she wouldn't ever get married. Then Miki asked if that was why she didn't have any boy friends, but Meiko said that that wasn't it.

Then Ginta came and told Miki that she was going to be late for tennis practice. But Miki said that she wouldn't be able to go to practice that day. She asked Ginta to tell the captain. When Meiko asked what was up, Miki told her that she was going to meet the Matsuura couple, and that she was going to try to settle her parents' strange actions.

Miki met the Matsuura couple at a fancy restaurant. She thought that they looked normal, so she was going to have them talk some sense into her parents. But Miki was disappointed to find out that they were just like her own parents. Then Miki found out that the Matsuura couple had a son the same age as her. Miki felt happy, thinking that he must be going through the same kind of trouble that she was.

Then Matsuura Yuu came. Miki saw him and immediately thought that he was very cool. Miki thought, "I'm very lucky to be able to meet someone like him." But she quickly snapped out of it and told everyone that she was against the divorce and remarriage. She said that society and other members of the family wouldn't allow it. But Matsuura Yuuji (Yuu's father) and Koishikawa Jin (Miki's father) both said that there was no problem with their families. Then Miki said that Yuu and she would have a hard time with such parents. But Yuu calmly said that he didn't care. Miki was surprised and asked Yuu if he didn't care about what his parents did. When Yuu replied that he didn't, Miki thought that Yuu was strange. Then everyone looked at Miki, and her mother said that the only one against this was Miki.

Miki said, "Well, my parents aren't like normal parents. They don't care about my grades and never even looked at my report card. My mother is bad at cooking, they oversleep a lot, they waste money a lot, and they go on trips a lot. But they are still my father and mother. I don't want to be separated from either one!" Miki started crying.

Then both parents said that they were going to rent a large house, and all live together. The husband/wife pairs will change, but the parent/child relationship wouldn't. The kids would be taken by the father, so their last names wouldn't have to change either. Miki's father asked if Miki was still against it. Miki shouted out that she still was. Then everyone stared at her, making her seem like she was the bad one.

Yuu said, "Why don't you just give up."
Then Miki eventually said, "Ok."

At that instant the parents celebrated. Miki said, "I can't believe it. Why?"

[CM break]

So the Koishikawa and Matsuura couples got divorced, and they all moved into a large house. According to the law a woman couldn't remarry for 6 months, so they were just total strangers living in one big house. When Miki was unpacking some stuff in the kitchen, Yuu came and told her that they were going to go shopping.

While Yuu and Miki were walking home together, Yuu mentioned that Miki was very quiet and asked if she had given up already. Miki said, "Hey Yuu. Why don't you do something about that rude mouth that doesn't fit your face."
Yuu said, "But your face and mouth are both rude. Why don't you do something about it."
Miki said, "I give up. I have strange parents. I can't do anything about it. Also when I see that those four are getting along very well, I think that maybe this is ok. But this isn't normal! It's strange. I won't ever calm down!"
Yuu said, "It's not normal, but isn't it fun that the family got twice as big. Don't get too excited. Let's be friends."

Yuu stuck out his hand to Miki. Miki stared at Yuu and thought, "Oh no. This guy is cool." When Miki stuck her hand out to take Yuu's hand, Miki felt the gum stuck to her hand. Miki was shocked! Yuu ran away laughing, as Miki tried to catch him.

When Miki went to school the next day, she met Meiko who asked her how her new life was going. Miki asked Meiko to keep quiet because she hadn't told anyone else about her situation. Miki was happy to be at school, because then she wouldn't have to see her strange family. Just then someone hit Miki in the back of the head. It was Yuu. He said that it was too far to commute to Yokohama, so he transferred to this school. Miki was very upset.

Ginta saw Miki and Yuu walking together, and asked Meiko about Yuu. Meiko said that it was like a brother. Ginta was surprised. Then Ginta went to Miki and asked if she wanted to practice tennis until the first class. Miki said that she would and they went off together.

Meiko introduced herself to Yuu. When Yuu asked if Ginta was Miki's boy friend, Meiko said that they were just very good friends. Miki had confessed her love for Ginta when they were in junior high. But she had been rejected.

Later Miki was showing Yuu around the school. When Miki asked what club Yuu was going to join, Yuu said that he was on the tennis team in junior high. Miki was shocked and asked him not to join the tennis team here. Yuu said that he didn't want to join any club in high school because he didn't want his time to be taken up.

Then Yuu spotted an old building in the school grounds. Miki told him that it was the library, but since it was full of old books, nobody ever went there, except for Meiko, who was in the literary club. Yuu stared at the library building.

Just then the bell for the next period (5th period) rang. Yuu told Miki that he was going to cut class and left. He said that he would return for gym class the following period.

During class, Miki wondered where Yuu had gone off to.

When Miki went to gym class, she saw that Yuu had returned. Yuu was playing basketball, and he was very good. Miki stared at him and thought that he was cool. Then one of Miki's friends yelled out, "Watch out!" as a ball was headed for Miki's face. But Miki didn't move and the ball hit her face.

When Miki woke up, she was in bed in the nurse's office with Meiko sitting next to her. Miki said that she was feeling all right, so Meiko left to get their bags. Just as Meiko was leaving, Yuu came in. Miki heard Yuu's voice and pretended to be asleep because she didn't want Yuu to make fun of her again.

[The song Moment, sung by Kouda Mariko, started playing in the background.]

But Yuu just went over to Miki and kissed her. Miki just kept pretending to be asleep.

After Yuu left, Miki got up and said to herself, "What was that!"

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