Marmalade Boy episode 2

Episode Title
Kiss kouishou Aitsuno kimochiga wakaranai
Air Date
Egao ni Aitai
Sutekina Serenade
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.07.28
Miki was in her room thinking about what had happened earlier at school. (the kiss by Yuu)

[Title screen]

The next day, Miki couldn't figure out what Yuu was thinking about. She didn't know how she should approach Yuu. Miki had skipped dinner the previous night.

In the morning, Miki went down to the dining room and saw Yuu by himself. Their parents had already gone to work. Miki sat down and was about to eat some toast. She asked Yuu to get the apricot jam. But there wasn't any left. There was only some marmalade, which Miki didn't like that much because the skin was bitter. Then Miki paused and said, "Yuu, you're like a marmalade. You have a really bitter part, but everyone is being fooled. You're a marmalade boy. It's perfect isn't it?"
Yuu said, while holding a jar of mustard, "Then Miki is this. The mustard girl who is just bitter all over."

Miki got mad, but Yuu got up and left for school before she could do anything.

At school during class, Miki was thinking about Yuu. She didn't understand why Yuu was acting just the same as before.

Ginta and Meiko saw Miki and Yuu together. Meiko asked Ginta if he was worried about them. But Ginta denied it.

During lunch, Miki decided that she was going to forget about her first kiss. Then she built up her spirits.

Just then the lunch time school TV broadcast began. The announcer was going to interview Yuu. Meiko saw it and commented that Yuu looked good on TV too. Miki was shocked. The announcer started asking Yuu questions and took out a photo of Yuu and Miki walking to school together. When Yuu started to explain their relationship, Miki got up and rushed to the broadcast booth. Miki hit Yuu away and explained that their parents were friends and they lived close together. Yuu was going to deny it, but Miki told him that she wouldn't say the truth. When the announcer tried to make it seem like Yuu and Miki were going out, Miki started pounding him.

All of Miki's actions were broadcast throughout the school, so Miki was very embarrassed. When Miki was walking down the hall with Meiko and some other girls, Ginta came by and make a comment about how popular Yuu was. Meiko added that she had heard that Yuu did well on the entrance exam too. Then Ginta left.

When one of Miki's friends said that maybe Yuu wasn't too popular with the guys, another girl said that it was only Ginta because Ginta was worried of having Miki taken away from him. Then Miki said that that couldn't be true, because she had been rejected by Ginta in the past.

[CM break]

Miki recalled the past (when they were in junior high school), and Miki had been in love with Ginta. Miki had watched Ginta and thought about him all the time. Meiko told Miki to confess her love to Ginta, but Miki said that she was too scared. Then one day Ginta gave Miki a present. So Miki built up her courage and wrote a love letter to Ginta. But that love letter got into the hands of Ginta's friends, and they all laughed about Miki. When one of Ginta's friends asked him whether he liked Miki, Ginta answered, "Well, I talk to her a lot and we get along. But it's like she is one of the guys. It's not like I like her or anything.."

Just as Ginta was saying that in a classroom, Miki appeared by the door and overheard. Miki was shocked and ran off.

The day after that incident, Ginta came to school with his hair cut very short. Miki couldn't talk to Ginta at all right after that. But now, their friendship had returned. So Miki thought to herself that Ginta couldn't be jealous of Yuu. Miki couldn't figure out what was going on.

When Miki was thinking (and studying) in her room, Yuu's mother came and asked her to come down because they had some cake. Miki said that she had been trying to do some homework, but was having trouble. Then Chiyoko said that Youji was very good at math. So Miki went down with Chiyoko.

In the living room, Yuu was playing video games with Jin, while Miki was doing her homework with Youji. They were all having a good time. Then Miki suddenly realized it, and ran back up to her room. Miki was so worried about Ginta and Yuu that she had almost accepted her strange family. She had vowed to herself that she would never do that.

The next day Miki left for school very early. As she was leaving, her mother asked what she wanted for dinner. Miki said, "You don't have to try that hard. I know you're very busy and you're not good at cooking anyway. Anything is fine." Then Miki left for school.

At school Miki was playing tennis with one of her friends. Yuu was standing nearby and watching.

After school Miki's friends said that Miki seemed to be full of energy that day. Miki said that she had something that was bothering her a little bit. Then Yuu came along and asked her to go shopping with him. Miki said that she was with her friends, but Yuu forcefully pulled Miki away.

Yuu said that they had to find a birthday present for Rumi. Then Miki realized that she had totally forgotten about her mother's birthday.

[The song Moment, sung by Kouda Mariko, started playing in the background.]

Yuu said, "I understand your feelings, but since we are all living together, we should celebrate her birthday."

Miki then looked at Yuu and thought that he was such a great guy.

Miki and Yuu went to a store together to pick out a birthday present for Miki's mother.

Later that evening, after the birthday party, Miki was in her room and found an album. It was Yuu's album, and got mixed up with hers when they were moving. Then when Miki picked it up, a picture fell out of it. It was a picture of Yuu and a cute blue/green haired girl. Miki was shocked and wondered, "Who is that!?"

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