Marmalade Boy episode 3

Episode Title
Futatsu no kiss Yuu ni koibitoga ita!?
Air Date
Egao ni Aitai
Sutekina Serenade
  • Summary version 1.0 by Robert DeLoura, 1994.09.27
  • (With help from Hitoshi Doi.)
Miki is reading her diary the day after she found the photo of Yuu and an unknown blue-haired girl. Meiko wrote, "A two-shot [a couple together] picture of Matsuura-kun? Wouldn't it be stranger if there *wasn't* one? If you're so worried about it, Miki, maybe you're in love with him?"

Miki said to herself, "He's kind of a nice guy, but it's not like that. Not at all."


The next day, Miki is at tennis practice at school. She's telling herself not to worry about Yuu and that girl, as she practices her serve. Nacchan tells her she has good speed on her serve, but that she needs to work on her control. He tells Ryoko that the girls' tennis club is doing well, and she says that's because they have a great advisor [herself]. They laugh, and Miki thinks she has a good feeling about Nacchan and Ryoko being together.

Yuu comes by and watches Miki practice. She asks him why he's there, and he says he's come to see her in her tennis skirt. She's surprised by his comment, and he quickly says "Of course I didn't, silly." He walks off, and Miki watches him. Ginta notices that she's watching Yuu walk away.

Later, Yuu is at the library. Another male student comes in and asks if he can sit next to Yuu, and Yuu says okay. Then Yuu notices that every other seat in the room is empty, and that the boy is staring at him. The boy makes a comment about "liking" Yuu, who gets nervous and stands up to leave. The boy offers to let him come over to his place, since they have a copy of the same book Yuu was looking at, but Yuu says he's done with it and leaves very quickly.

Yuu runs into Meiko (literally) on his way out of the library. They're both surprised to see the other person at the library. She says she likes the place because it's quiet, he says he likes all the old books.

After school that day, Meiko and Miki are eating ice cream cones on their way home. Meiko asks how the new family is going, and Miki pretty much sidesteps the question. Then she asks Miki about the photograph of Yuu, and Miki says, "It doesn't matter, we're just living in the same house. It's none of my business", but she obviously doesn't mean it. Meiko notices this, and points it out, but Miki insists that she doesn't care. Miki thinks to herself that she's understanding less and less of Yuu these days... he's as mysterious as ever... and that in some ways, he's like Meiko, since she's still a bit mysterious even though they've been friends since junior high.

When Miki gets home, Yuu's mother gives some theme park tickets to her and Yuu. Miki is excited because she heard that this park has a lot of simulation games. Yuu thinks it sounds like fun, and suggests that they go together on Sunday. Miki gives a surprised look, so he asks if that's a problem. She says it isn't, so it's decided. She thinks that the two of them going together is almost like going on a date.

At the theme park on Sunday, Yuu and Miki are playing a simulation game. She does very poorly (gets a 'D'), and Yuu does really well (gets an 'A'). When they walk past a UFO catcher game, Miki sees a cute teddy bear inside, and wishes (out loud) that she had it. Yuu plays the game to try and win it for her, and says he's good at these games. Miki wishes that Yuu would always be this kind to her. Yuu wins... but wins a Kappa doll instead of the teddy bear (he thought that was what she wanted). She complains that she wanted the bear, and he says that she should have spoken up earlier. Miki decides that the kappa is sort of cute anyway.

They wander off again, and Miki finds a house of mirrors. She goes in, but before Yuu can follow her, a familiar blue-haired girl walks up and grabs Yuu by the arm. She says, "It's been a while, Yuu", and he responds, "Arimi...."


Miki is wandering through the house of mirrors, thinking it's pretty. She turns to talk to Yuu, and notices he isn't there. She figures he must have taken a different path through the house, and walks face-first into a mirror.

Outside, Arimi says, "I didn't expect to meet you in a place like this."

Back inside the house of mirrors, Miki is still walking into mirrors.

Outside, Arimi says, "The last place we went to together was an amusement park, wasn't it?"

Inside the house of mirrors, Miki is walking in circles and can't find her way out. She gets scared, and wonders where Yuu is. She runs in a blind panic, and manages to find her way out.

As Miki catches her breath, she looks around for Yuu. She spots him... with that blue-haired girl from the photo! Yuu and Arimi walk over to her, and Yuu introduces them to each other. "This is a girl I was in the same class with in junior high, Suzuki Arimi. This is a person I'm living in the same house with, Koishikawa Miki." Miki and Arimi greet each other. Miki thinks to herself that Arimi is even cuter in person than she was in the picture.

Arimi asks Yuu for his new address and phone number, so he writes it down for her. Miki looks on, irritably. She notices that Arimi is still holding Yuu's arm, and thinks Arimi is overdoing it.

A boy calls out to Arimi, and Yuu comments that it's good Arimi has found a new boyfriend. Arimi says that it isn't like that -- she's just going on a date with him because he bothers her for one all the time. She'd *really* rather be going out with Yuu!

Arimi runs off, promising to call Yuu later.

Yuu comments to Miki that Arimi hasn't changed. Miki asks him, "What's with her? She said she'd rather be...." Yuu says that he went out with Arimi when they were in junior high, and Miki is surprised/disappointed. He tells her that they went out for three months, and did all the things that couples usually do. Miki thinks he's referring to sex, but he points out that he just means Christmas, Valentine's Day, and other 'couple'-oriented events. Miki is visibly relieved, and Yuu says, "You thought I meant something else, didn't you." She denies it, and he teases her and calls her a pervert (etchi).

He asks Miki if she wants to know how "far" he went with Arimi, and she says she doesn't. He tells her anyway -- they never "did" anything at all. She doesn't believe him, and he says that his first kiss was the one with Miki (episode #1). Miki has a flashback to that kiss, and they talk about it:

 Yuu:   You were awake then, weren't you?
 Miki:  You knew?
 Yuu:   Yeah, from the way your body reacted.  "She's awake,
 isn't she?" I thought.
 Miki:  Why did you do it?
 Yuu:   "Why"?  Oh, I just felt like it.

Miki grabs him by the collar and cocks a fist back to belt him.

 Yuu:   I'm lying!  I was just kidding!
 I did it because I like you, of course.

Miki slaps him and says, "Quit joking about this! You're always just teasing and joking... you can't talk seriously about anything!" She stomps off.

At school the next day, some girls are talking about Miki and Yuu's "date". Ginta overhears them and wonders (out loud) why she'd bother going out with Yuu. Meiko scolds him, telling him he's in no position to complain about it, after having rejected her in junior high. She thinks it's a good thing, and tells Ginta to leave them alone.

After school, Ginta and Miki are cleaning up the classroom. Miki remembers about Arimi, and knows that Arimi will try to date Yuu again, and wonders how Yuu will react. She wonders why they broke up in the first place -- did they have a fight, or did they just grow apart? Ginta shocks her out of her reverie by asking why she has such a serious look on her face all of a sudden. She apologizes, and finishes filling out the folder that keeps track of who cleaned out the room each day.

Ginta notices that Miki is eating something, and asks what it is. She says it's some new candy she bought ("Muscat Kiss") and offers him some. He says he remembers the commercial for it -- "The taste of a pure kiss, Muscat Kiss". Miki says, "Yeah, cute, isn't it?" and Ginta wonders (out loud) if it really tastes like a kiss or not. Miki responds, "Dunno....", then thinks to herself that she was so surprised when Yuu kissed her, she didn't worry about the taste. (So she doesn't remember whether the candy tastes like the kiss did.)

Ginta says, "Maybe we should find out." Miki thinks he's setting up to tease her, expecting that she'll get embarrassed and he can laugh at her for taking him seriously. To spoil his joke, she says, "OK, let's find out." After a quick couple of seconds, she looks up at him again and says, "That kind of joke isn't like you, Ginta...." but he's standing up. He grabs her by her shoulders and leans towards her... and she realizes he's serious.

Ginta kisses Miki.

[Egao ni Aitai (OP) starts playing in the background.]

After a few seconds, she pushes him away and says, "No!". He's puzzled. She slaps him and says, "What're you doing?!"

 Ginta:  What, you said it was okay....
 Miki:   No it isn't!  Idiot!  Ginta, you idiot!

Miki runs out and slams the door, as Ginta realizes he's just screwed up in a big way.

As Miki runs home from school, she thinks to herself, "I can't believe it! What were you thinking, Ginta? Why? Why did you do that to me?". She remembers how he rejected her in junior high. "He'd do that to just *anyone*?"

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