Marmalade Boy episode 4

Episode Title
Ginta no kokuhaku Omae wo aitsuni watasanai!
Ginta's confession I won't give you to him!
Air Date
Egao ni Aitai
Sutekina Serenade
  • Summary version 1.0 by Robert DeLoura, 1994.09.27
    (With help from Hitoshi Doi.)
Miki is writing in her diary that night, after Ginta's kiss. She says, "'Kiss'... a 'kiss' is something you do with someone you love, right?" She has a flashback to when he said she was 'just a friend' in junior high. "But Ginta wasn't interested in me." Flashback to Ginta's kiss. "Then why did he do it? I won't forgive him. I won't forgive him at all!"


The next morning, the four parents are getting ready for work. Yuu's mother calls to Yuu and Miki to make sure they're awake, and then all four parents leave. Yuu starts to eat breakfast, but realizes that it's 7:15 and Miki isn't up yet. He thinks that's strange, so he goes to wake her up. When he calls to her from outside her door ("You'll be late, and you're on cleanup duty at school this week."), she says, "Big deal. Leave me alone," because she doesn't want to deal with Ginta. She'd rather be late.

Yuu comes in and pulls off Miki's covers, and when she reacts indignantly, he says that with an attitude like that, she can't possibly be sick (and should get up). He tells her to hurry up and get ready, then goes back downstairs. She throws her pillow at him as he shuts the door.

At school, Ginta is waiting for Miki to show up. He gives up, and runs into Meiko, who asks where Miki is. He says she hasn't arrived yet. Yuu and Miki come up the stairs. Miki notices Ginta, and they both start staring at the floor. Meiko says that Miki is late. Ginta tries to talk to Miki, but she quickly hands her diary to Meiko and walks away, ignoring him. Meiko and Yuu wonder what her problem is.

Later, Meiko reads Miki's diary and says, "Oh, so *that's* it." In class, Meiko thinks that maybe her warning to Ginta yesterday pressured him into action.

When school ends for the day, Miki immediately gets up to leave, tagging Meiko as her replacement in her after-school duties. Ginta shouts to her, "Miki, I need to talk to you." She responds, "I don't want to hear it. Right now, I don't want to talk to you or even see your face." She runs off. Yuu asks Ginta whether the two of them just had a fight. Ginta pushes him away and says it's none of his business. Yuu is about to respond, but Meiko suggests that they should just leave Ginta alone.

At home, Miki is sitting on her bed thinking about Ginta's kiss. When she's about to explode from pent-up anger, Yuu calls to her from the hallway. "Miki, I'm going to leave." She responds, "Go right ahead," and says that he doesn't need her permission to leave the house. He comes in and clarifies, "You're coming *with* me!" "Eh? Why? I'm...." He pulls her out the door.

They're on a bicycle, riding double, with Yuu steering/pedalling. Miki asks him why they're doing this, and he tells her not to worry about it, and that she should hold on tight. She ignores him til they start going down a steep hill, and then grabs him and holds on for dear life.

[Moment (IS) begins to play]

They ride around for a bit, and Miki tells him to let her off the bike. He stops at a grassy area by the water, where you can see the sunset. She smiles and says it's beautiful, then walks over by the water's edge. Yuu skips stones and says Miki should try, but she doesn't think she can. She tries and fails miserably, several times. (She's just tossing them into the water, and isn't throwing them at a shallow enough angle.) Yuu laughs at her, and then shows her how to throw one properly. She tries again, and succeeds, saying, "I did it! Yay! I did it, I did it!".

As they ride the bike back home, Miki is impressed that he knows about such a nice place. He says that he comes there when he's depressed and needs to cheer up. She laughs at the idea of Yuu getting depressed, and then realizes that he brought her there because he knew *she* was upset, and wanted her to be happy again.

At home later that night, Yuu goes into his room and sees Miki's little 'voice memo' robot on his desk. He hits "play" and it says, "Thanks, Yuu."

Miki is lying on the floor in her room and hears noise outside her door. She opens the door and finds her 'voice memo' robot hanging from the doorknob. It says, "That place is our secret." She smiles.

After class the next day, she sees her voice memo in her pack and remembers what Yuu said, then smiles again. She accidentally meets Ginta's gaze from across the room, but isn't ready to deal with him yet. She picks up her things and quickly leaves, with Ginta in pursuit.

Miki sees Arimi waiting by the school gates. As they greet each other, Ginta calls out for Miki to wait, and she thinks to herself how stubborn Ginta is being. Just as he reaches her, she gets an idea, and wraps an arm around Arimi's. She pretends that Arimi was waiting for her. "Sorry, Arimi-san. Did I keep you waiting? Well, let's go!" Arimi interrupts, "What? I'm here for Yuu...." Miki continues, "Shhh, please just quietly go along with me." Arimi and Miki walk off as Miki continues to chat, "It's been a while! How are you doing?"

Ginta is very confused. He spots Miki's voice memo on the ground and picks it up, probably figuring it'll be a good excuse to talk to Miki again. As he walks off, he accidentally hits "play", and it says, "Thanks, Yuu" and "That place is our secret."

Ginta is shocked at Yuu's comment.


Arimi and Miki are walking down the street. Miki is watching over her shoulder for Ginta, and concludes that he's decided to leave her alone for the moment. Arimi complains that her arm hurts (from the way Miki is clutching at it).

Miki:  Thank you very much for your help, you really saved me.
 I'm very sorry about this.  Well, see you later.
Arimi: Wait!
Miki:  Hm?
Arimi: You drag me all the way out here and that's it?  After
 all this, we could at least get some tea or something.
 I want to talk with you for a bit anyway.  Of course
 you'll treat, right?
Miki:  Uh... yeah, I'll treat.

They continue to chat in a coffee shop.....

Arimi: Who was that guy earlier, anyway?  Is it a problem if
 you run into him?
Miki:  He's a friend, but we had a little fight.
 Are you sure this is OK, didn't you promise to meet Yuu?
Arimi: I didn't promise him anything, I just happened to be in
 the area.
Miki:  Are you going to go out with him again?
Arimi: What did Yuu tell you about me?
Miki:  'An old girlfriend', he said.
Arimi: Just that?
Miki:  Yep.
Arimi: Ah.  That's just like Yuu.  He doesn't like to talk
 about himself, does he?
Miki:  Nope.  (Miki thinks, "She really knows him well.")
Arimi: Since you're not dating him, I'll tell you everything.

Flashback to when Arimi was in junior high. She explains that she was in the same grade as Yuu, but in a different class. Once she got the chance to talk with him, she really liked him. She confessed her interest in him shortly thereafter. He said he wasn't ready to date yet, but she convinced him to try going out with her for three months -- and if they weren't a "couple" by then, they would call it off.

Arimi and Yuu had a fun three months, doing things together and talking to each other on the phone. But as soon as the three months were up, Yuu told her that even though it had been a lot of fun, he felt that they should just be friends. She said she hadn't given up on him yet, and ran off crying. [End of flashback.]

Arimi continues, "It was such a shock that I couldn't sleep that night. I figured I couldn't do anything about it, and that maybe I should just give up on him. But I decided that nobody else could be as good a match for me. And when I saw him at the amusement park the other day, I realized that I could never give up on him. I still love him, even now.... What about you? You love him too, don't you? I won't lose to you!"

As Miki walks home, she thinks, "It's not like I love him or anything... I mean, he's become an important person to me, but he's basically family... even though I do think about him a lot. I don't understand him very well, but I certainly don't... I don't...."

She reaches her house, but Ginta is standing by the gate.....

Miki:  Out of my way, I can't get into the house!
Ginta: No!
Miki:  Move!
Ginta: I'm not moving!
Miki:  (irritated) OK.  If you've got something to say, hurry
 up and say it.
Ginta: Don't be so angry!
Miki:  "Don't be angry"?  How?  We're just friends, and...
 although I used to be in love with you, weren't you
 the one who said you weren't interested?  Once I gave
 up on you, we became best friends... so why are you
 trying to destroy that now?
Ginta: Well, um....
Miki:  And I thought you were such a nice guy.  Two years ago,
 you let everyone read my love letter....
Ginta: THAT'S NOT TRUE!  That's not how it was at all!  Besides
 that, it was *your* fault anyway!
Miki:  *My* fault?  How could it be mine?
Ginta: Where did you hide that love letter?
Miki:  In a magazine in your backpack.
Ginta: That magazine wasn't mine.

Ginta explains that it belonged to another boy, who saw the letter when he went to take his magazine out of Ginta's backpack. The boy told the class that it was a love letter from Miki to Ginta. Ginta was very happy (inside), and wanted to read the letter in private, by himself.

Miki:  But you said you weren't interested in me, that I was
 like your other male friends....

Ginta had actually said that to cover himself in front of his friends, and it was just bad timing that Miki was there to hear it. Ginta figured things were hopeless after accidentally hurting Miki's feelings like that. He got a new haircut, and planned to try and give up on her.

Ginta: But I've really been in love with you all along!

[Egao ni Aitai (OP) starts playing]

Ginta: But then *he* showed up... that Matsuura guy.  I don't want to give
 you up to him!  I won't let him have you!"
Miki:  Ginta....

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