Marmalade Boy episode 5

Episode Title
Koibito no densetsu Medaiyu ni omoi wo komete
Lover's legend Put your feelings in the medallion
Air Date
Egao ni Aitai
Sutekina Serenade
  • Summary version 1.0 by Robert DeLoura, 1995.04.13
    (With help from Hitoshi Doi.)
Miki is in her room, listening to the voice memo. Yuu's voice is recorded on it, saying "That place is our secret". She has a flashback to when she was riding on the bike with Yuu, and then has another one to the time Ginta said he didn't want to give her to Yuu. "It can't be... that Ginta would say something like that."


Ginta and Miki are in front of Miki's house. Ginta grabs her arm and asks if she loves you, and if it's too late for him. They pull at each other until Yuu shows up and points out that the whole neighborhood can hear their little spat. Miki takes the opportunity to break away from Ginta and run into the house.

Ginta says that he gets angry whenever he sees Yuu. Yuu says he doesn't react to Ginta at all. Ginta asks why Yuu is here, so Yuu tells Ginta that he lives here with Miki... and all of their parents, of course. Yuu goes into the house, and Ginta yells out "Dammit!" so loudly that Yuu can hear him from inside.

Miki is upstairs in her room trying to figure out what she should do. She goes out in the hall and sees Yuu drying his hair with a towel. She's surprised that he's already taken a bath. Yuu asks if she'd planned on joining him. She calls him an idiot, and then wonders to herself why he hasn't said anything about her and Ginta.

At school the next day, Miki quickly runs over to her friends in order to avoid Ginta.

Later, Miki is talking to Meiko outside. Miki's confused that Ginta suddenly seems interested in her, and isn't sure if she feels the same way about him. Meiko points out that Miki already has Yuu... which one does she like more? Miki has no idea, so Meiko says she should ask Ginta for some time to make up her mind.

Miki goes to her classroom and talks to Ginta. She tells him that he surprised her when he confessed to her yesterday, and that she needs time to think about it. He says that's OK, and that he'll be waiting for her answer.

Miki and Meiko are walking home from school together. Miki's depressed because she can't make up her mind between Yuu and Ginta. Meiko tries to help by asking her whose kiss made her happier. Miki says she didn't like either of them because they were both "stolen" kisses, not ones she'd wanted at the time. Suddenly, Yuu calls out to them from a nearby shop (Junk Jungle) where he's working part-time.


Yuu brings Miki and Meiko into the shop, and introduces Kijima, the owner. Kijima asks if the girls are more of Yuu's fans. Yuu is embarrassed, says no, and introduces them.

Miki and Meiko look at some clothes while Yuu makes them some coffee. After he gives them the coffee, he brings out a small medallion and asks Miki about it. He says that Namura-sensei gave it to him, but he doesn't know what it is for. Miki explains that everyone at school has one, and that they're kind of like a good-luck charm. Miki says that there's a legend at school about the medallions... if you put a picture of the person you love into the medallion, and then exchange medallions with that person, it "ties" the two of you together. Yuu doesn't seem impressed. Miki points out that giving your medallion to someone is considered a really big deal at school, but Yuu still doesn't seem to care.

Kijima picks up the medallion and says that it brings back memories for him. (He went to the same high school.) He tells them about a girl he knew in high school. She put the picture of the boy she liked into the medallion, but she couldn't bring herself to confess her love to him. The boy was going to leave the school to go to America, so she snuck the medallion into his bag. She didn't put her name in it, though, so he had no way of knowing who she was. The boy left for America, but the girl couldn't bring herself to get involved with any other boys, because she still remembered him.

Ten years later, she was in New York, and saw someone in front of her drop something shiny. She picked it up to give it back to him (it's obvious from the picture that the other person is a younger Kijima), and it was her medallion! She met her first love again, thanks to the medallion.

Kijima points out that the guy had been carrying it with him all those years. Miki and Meiko are impressed by the story. Yuu asks Kijima if he didn't just make the story up. Kijima won't say. Then Meiko notices a picture on the wall... of Kijima and an unknown woman, in New York together. They realize that it was all a true story about Kijima himself.

Miki wonders who she should put in her medallion. Yuu, or Ginta?

The next day at tennis practice, Ginta finds out that his partner for an upcoming match has been hurt, and that he'll have to find a new partner. Miki suggests that they ask Yuu to play. Ginta is understandably less than thrilled with this idea.

Yuu has a practice round with Namura-sensei. Yuu wins, and everyone (even Ginta) is impressed. Namura-sensei and Miki ask Yuu to be Ginta's partner for the match. Yuu says he doesn't want to be the partner of someone that hates him. Ginta blows that off, saying that they're classmates, above all. Yuu resigns himself to it, but blames Miki for getting him involved.

Ginta calls Yuu aside. Ginta says he doesn't want to pair up with him, but that he has no choice... his opponent in the upcoming match is someone he absolutely must not lose against. If Yuu pairs with him, there won't be any problem.

Ginta turns around and sees Miki looking at him. Miki runs off, worried that she met Ginta's gaze. Ginta turns back around to start practicing with Yuu, but Yuu has run off as well. He goes looking for Yuu. Yuu hides in the library as Ginta wanders around outside looking for him.

[Moment (IS) starts playing]

Yuu hears two people talking in the library. The two think they're alone, and don't realize Yuu is hiding there (because Yuu snuck in through a window). One of the two is a girl, and she says that she loves the other person. Yuu peeks around the corner and sees Meiko and Namura-sensei hugging each other. The two of them pull together for a kiss....

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