Marmalade Boy episode 6

Episode Title
Love game Ginta nanka daikirai!
Love game I can't stand Ginta!
Air Date
Egao ni Aitai
Sutekina Serenade
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Meiko remembers the kiss from last episode, but can't bring herself to say anything to Miki about her relationship with Namura-sensei (via the diary or voice memo).


Flashback to just after the kiss between Meiko and Namura-sensei. A message comes over the intercom system telling Namura-sensei that there is a phone call for him. He leaves, saying he'll be back soon.

Yuu walks out into view, and says he accidentally saw what happened. He tells a shocked Meiko that she should hide more carefully in the future. She asks him not to tell anyone, and he agrees... but asks if Miki knows about this. Meiko says she hasn't told her.

Back in the present, Meiko still can't bring herself to say anything about it on the voice memo. Instead, she leaves a message about how great it is that Yuu is going to pair with Ginta in the upcoming match.

The next day at school, Yuu is on the lunchtime news program. They ask him about the apparent Yuu-Miki-Ginta love triangle, and he refuses to comment. He invites people to come and cheer for him and Ginta at the tennis match.

At the tennis match, Miki finds that Arimi has come to cheer for Yuu. Yuu wonders how Arimi knew about the match. It turns out that Sakaki Gakuen (Arimi's school) is the opposing team. Yuu suddenly has a nasty suspicion that he knows who his opponent will be, and Arimi verifies it.

Ginta shows up and wants Yuu to practice with him, but Yuu is depressed after finding out who his opponent will be. It's someone that was a classmate in junior high and was in the same tennis club with him. Ginta thinks to himself that this sounds very familiar. Yuu says that the guy was infatuated with Yuu's girlfriend at the time (Arimi). Yuu says he's not involved with Arimi any more, though. Ginta realizes that they may both be dreading the same guy, and they simultaneously say his name... "Rokutanda Tsutomu".

Suddenly, Tsutomu shows up and says that he wanted to meet Yuu again. Yuu didn't want to meet Tsutomu again, though. Tsutomu had heard Yuu and Ginta would be partners, and is looking forward to defeating both of them. Yuu says that Tsutomu hasn't changed.

Tsutomu spots Arimi and is happy that she's come to cheer for him. She points out that she's here to cheer for Yuu, not Tsutomu. Tsutomu doesn't understand why she'd cheer for Yuu, when she isn't involved with him any more. Arimi says that doesn't matter. She also says that Tsutomu should get a clue and give up on her -- he's been after her since they were both in grade school, and she's always said that she wants nothing to do with him.

Ginta laughs at Tsutomu, and they start arguing with each other. Ginta mentions that he and Tsutomu are cousins, and that they've been rivals ever since they were little kids. Yuu says that the two of them look a lot alike, which irritates both of them, so Yuu takes it back. Miki thinks to herself that the world seems very small, where the boy infatuated with Arimi turns out to be Ginta's cousin.

Miki asks Tsutomu if he's the one who brought badges back from Wimbledon for Ginta (see ep #2). Tsutomu says yes, and asks if Miki's the one that Ginta gave a badge to. When Miki admits it, Tsutomu says that she must be that girl Ginta said he blew his chance with.

An audience has formed while everyone was talking, and they all start asking Miki questions about her and Ginta. Miki gets very embarrassed. She says that they shouldn't associate her with Ginta, because she hates him. (She's just embarrassed, she doesn't really hate him.) Then she runs off.

Ginta is devastated by this, but Tsutomu just laughs at him. Ginta says that at least he had a *chance* at real love once, which is better than Tsutomu can say.

Namura-sensei arrives to tell Yuu and Ginta that it's time to start the match. Tsutomu says he'll get his revenge on Ginta by defeating him, and that he'll defeat Yuu as well. Yuu tells him to go for it.

Tsutomu's side gets to serve first. Tsutomu wants to make a side bet that the losers of the match have to bow down in front of the winners. Ginta says that he has a better idea... the losers of the match should have to get really short haircuts (bouzu). Tsutomu agrees, and Yuu is quite disturbed by their sense of "humor".


Miki is sitting by herself in the schoolyard, wondering about the match.

Back at the tennis court, Sakaki Gakuen has won the first set, 6-1. Namura-sensei and Ryoko-sensei wonder why Ginta is playing so poorly, when Yuu is doing so well. Tsutomu and his partner are convinced that the match is already won, because Ginta is making so many mistakes.

Ginta looks at the audience, trying to find Miki, but she isn't there. He blows a shot at the start of the second set, and Tsutomu realizes that Miki's comment is affecting Ginta's game. Arimi shouts out that she'll never talk to Tsutomu again if Yuu ends up having to get a "bouzu" haircut. Tsutomu ignores her.

When Ginta blows another shot, Yuu tells him to just keep the ball in play, and not worry about trying to score. Tsutomu smashes Ginta's return, and the second set stands at 4-0.

Back in the schoolyard, Miki wonders what set the match is on. Arimi shows up and says Miki needs to come cheer... not because the Sakaki team is strong, but because Ginta is doing poorly and Yuu will get a "bouzu" if they lose the match. Miki goes with Arimi.

Miki and Arimi are back at the tennis courts. Ginta blows another shot, and the game score is 0-40. Miki wonders why Ginta is having so much trouble, and yells some encouragement to him.

Now that Ginta knows Miki is watching him, he is able to control his shots again. Touryou (Miki's school) wins the second set 6-4.

The third set goes to a tiebreaker after going 6-6. The tiebreak game reaches 6-5, in favor of Sakaki Gakuen. Ginta and Yuu manage to bring it to 6-6. Yuu tells Ginta that they've *got* to take the next two points. Ginta is surprised to see Yuu acting so seriously.

Touryou wins the tiebreak game 8-6, thus winning the set and the match.

Ginta and Yuu are having a sports drink after the match. Yuu compliments Ginta on the way he finally managed to regain control. Ginta doesn't really like being praised by Yuu, and says he wasn't thinking of anything but himself. Yuu disagrees, and says he was thinking about Miki. Ginta asks if Yuu loves Miki, but Yuu just grins and refuses to answer him.

Miki, Yuu, and Ginta are leaving the school grounds. Miki congratulates Ginta on the match. They all see Tsutomu's team leaving, and go over to remind him about the bet.

[Moment (IS) starts playing]

Arimi is waiting outside the school gate, and walks up to them. Everyone is surprised when she takes Ginta by the arm. She says she was impressed by the match and has started to get interested in him. She wants to go have some tea and talk with him. She drags him off, and he makes excuses while everyone looks on in astonishment.

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