Marmalade Boy episode 7

Episode title
Koi no Hokkaidou Dou natteru no? Ano futari!
[Hokkaidou of Love What's With Those Two?!]
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1995.07.13
Miki writes in her dairy to Meiko about Arimi dragging a surprised Ginta off after the tennis match (in last episode). She wonders what in the world Arimi is up to. She is still having trouble deciding between Yuu and Ginta herself and this isn't helping. She doesn't know what to believe. And tomorrow is the school trip to Hokkaidou.

Next morning, Miki is finishing breakfast while Yuu is ready to leave on the trip. Both sets of parents comment about the various gifts and food they can find there. The kids rush out the door, putting an end to this happy (if shallow) speculation.

At the airport Miki and Meiko are overjoyed to be in the same group together. Meiko also notices that both Ginta and Yuu are in this group too. Miki is happy that they will all be together. Nacchan and Ryoko are the faculty sponsors, and are going along too.

Arriving at the town of Hakodate, several decide to go out sightseeing. Miki and Meiko naturally head off in the same group. They head to the Goryoukaku Tower (overlooking a park of the same name). Miki turns from looking over the fort there to buy some souvenirs. When she turns back to ask Meiko's opinion, she discovers her friends have left. Paniced, she heads down the elevator and runs off looking for them. As she tries to find her way round with the guidebook, Yuu runs into her. He's off by himself instead of going with the group.

Ginta shows up too, so Miki now has the problem of who she should do things with. Before she has time to decide, Arimi comes up and latches onto Ginta's arm, overjoyed at this ``destined meeting.'' It turns out her school is also on a trip here. Ginta is perplexed by her actions, while Miki is furious. Yuu provides the answer by dragging Miki off, saying they would be in the way of the other two. Ginta would rather that his support didn't leave. As Arimi's bubbles on to Ginta, a mad Miki turns around and demands she let go of Ginta. Arimi smiles knowingly and asks if this is because Miki is Ginta's.

At this point, Yuu realizes that if Arimi is here with her school, that also means, ``he's here.'' As if on cue, Tsutomu shows up and demands that Ginta let go of Arimi. They all have a good laugh at him, especially his short haircut from the bet last episode. While Tsutomu berates Yuu, saying he won't forgive him about Arimi, she winks and drags Ginta off. By the time Tsutomu is done and looks for them, they are nowhere to be found.

Before Miki has much time to worry about Ginta and Arimi, Meiko and the others find Miki. ``We thought you'd be here.'' On the way back, Miki tells Meiko about the events with Ginta and Arimi, still unsure of how to react or what to believe, especially since Ginta has told Miki he loves her and Arimi has told her that she loves Yuu.

Ginta and Arimi share a snack at M.M Burger. He tells her that he likes someone else so he can't date her. She responds that Yuu is the only guy she likes. ``Did you see Miki's face back there?'' she asks, and suggests that they act like the two of them are dating. Maybe this will make Miki jealous, then Yuu and Miki can return to where these two would rather their affections were.

Arimi and Ginta walk through the park, talking this over. He is worried about his chances, especially since Yuu and Miki are living together. He asks Arimi if this will make Yuu jealous (for her). She thinks, and as the wind blows through her hair, sadly replies that she doesn't think they'll make him jealous, but even so, she still wants to help Ginta. He wonders how Yuu could not like such a cute girl. At Arimi's suggestion, they seal this bargain with a handshake.

At dinner that evening, Miki and Ginta glance at each other, though they are seated at different tables. Both are a bit self-conscious. Yuu comes up and asks Miki if she'd like to go to hill overlooking the city this evening. Miki already planned to go buy souvenirs with her friends, but Meiko replies that it won't take long and this would be great to do afterwards.

That evening, the three are enjoying the view of the city. Miki think it's very pretty and photogenic. She notices Nacchan and Ryoko below, also enjoying the view. Ryoko reminisces about their days in college. Miki comments that the two seem to make a good pair. Meiko's face falls as she agrees with Miki, and only Yuu can guess why.

That night, Meiko can't sleep. She gets up and leaves the room, not waking Miki. As she stands outside on the balcony, someones footsteps coming up behind bring a smile to her face, and she runs happily into Nacchan's welcoming arms. They enjoy the night view and this chance to be close.

The next day, Meiko is back to her cheerful self as she talks with Miki about heading to Sapporo tomorrow. A friend of Ginta's runs by calling for him which brings Miki's thoughts back to him. She feels he's almost been avoiding her. At the bus, Ginta says he's going to Oudouri park. Some gals pick up on this immediately, and he's relieved when Yuu says he'll come along too.

After having their picture taken at the clock tower, Meiko wonders where they should go next, so Miki suggests Oudouri park.

As the two of them wait in a copy of Tokyo Tower, Yuu wonders why Ginta was going to come here alone. He is answered when Arimi runs up and grabs Ginta. Ginta doesn't quite have the hang of acting like they're dating yet, and Arimi has to give him a few instructions. As fate would have it, Miki and Meiko exit the elevator, just as Arimi and Ginta are headed toward it. Again, Arimi is better at the act, but Miki is dumbfounded and upset nonetheless.

As Yuu expects, Tsutomu comes out of the elevator and immediately challenges Ginta's being with Arimi. Ginta is first embarrassed, but after a reminder from Arimi, fights back. Asserting his right, he puts his arm around Arimi which pleases her, shocks Miki and stuns Tsutomu. Miki can't take this any more so she grabs Yuu and heads down the elevator. Ginta wonders if this medicine is working a bit too well, as he and Arimi take the next car down. Tsutomu comes too just in time to miss that elevator but catch Arimi sticking out her tongue at him.

Tsutomu finally makes it down and runs through Oudouri park looking for Arimi. Failing, he breaks down crying. This catches the attention of Arimi and Ginta, who have successfully hid from him. Elsewhere, Yuu and Miki also walk through the park. She is still mad at Ginta, Yuu asks if it's ok to walk here, since she still looks worried about Ginta. This manages to change her mood from mad to thoughtful.

The next day, the class returns home. Miki still finds her indecision painful. At the airport, Arimi waves good bye to the plane, and Tsutomu gives his own farewell. Ginta sits by the window waving back to her. Miki still can't decide; she looks at Ginta, and at Yuu who is sitting a few rows back reading. As they plane leaves, a smiling Arimi continues to wave.

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