Marmalade Boy episode 9

Episode Title
Arbeit Koi no shoubu ha uriage shidai!
[Part-time Job Love's Victory Depends on Sales!]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert
    Editing by Robert DeLoura, 1995.10.20
At the end of the school-day, Meiko sits in the library, reading the diary entry Miki wrote to her. Miki tells how she's jealous about Ginta being with Arimi, yet she thinks Yuu is quite nice too. ``I really am a fickle woman.'' Meiko begins to write her reply, but her thoughts turn to Nacchan and Ryoko-sensei together in Hokkaido (see episode #7). She hears the door open, and turns expecting Nacchan. It's not him. Miwa, who just entered, is also surprised to find her here.

Miwa asks who she was waiting for, but gets no answer. Meiko is surprised that he knows and calls her by name, but this doesn't help his efforts as a pick-up artist. As he comments about her not dating any guys in her class, her anger builds, she packs up her belongings, tells him that she doesn't know any nice guys, and starts to leave. At the door, she directly turns down his request for a date, and walks on, ignoring him.

Nacchan is walking down the hall inside, when Ryoko runs up and asks him out on a date after school. She is happy that he does say yes.

Ginta carries a trash can up the stairs, thinking about his meeting with Arimi in Hokkaido. He remembers her plan to make Miki jealous, and their promise to cooperate on it. He's beginning to have second thoughts about it, and wonders how Miki will react.

Yuu finds Miki as she is putting her stuff away in her locker. Since she doesn't have tennis club today after school, he asks if she can help with his part-time job. She's surprised that he has one. Ginta happens up the stairs at this moment and overhears the two talking. This does nothing to settle his nerves, especially when Yuu comments on being late, grabs Miki and drags her off past him.

Miki protests at being dragged off, until she is in the store, ``Junk Jungle,'' where she instantly transforms into a smiling cute sales-girl. Yuu is surprised at the transformation. Both he and his boss, Kishima, are impressed with her energy.

All goes well, until an attractive girl comes in, calling for Yuu and asking if he likes her skirt. Miki doesn't like the large number of female customers that come in asking specifically for him. Kishima gives her thoughts a new turn when he asks if she'd like to come work here permanently, too. Both are surprised when Yuu rushes over and says that it wouldn't work. Miki thinks that Yuu's words and sticking out his tongue at Kishima are quite funny. When she explains that she though he acted childish, he fakes being hurt, and this teasing gets to her. After a thought, she thinks that it was nice of him to joke that way.

The next customer doesn't help her nerves. Arimi comes in hanging on Ginta's arm. She explains that she and Ginta were on a date and thought that this sale would be interesting. They knew that Yuu worked here, but are surprised to find Miki as well. Arimi drags Ginta off for some shopping and further instruction in how to make Miki jealous.

Who should happen by at this point but Tsutomu. He looks in through the door and sees Arimi and Ginta talking earnestly. This is too much for him and he runs in, abandoning his two friends. Tsutomu's angry appearance manages to attract the attention of everyone in the store, including Yuu.

Tsutomu yells that Ginta can't hide from him, and so Ginta and Arimi come out of the crowd and show themselves. Their being together upsets him further and he demands to know why Ginta's with her when he should be the only one dating her. Arimi steps forward and tells Tsutomu she'd never date him, which brings him close to tears.

Yuu sighs and asks the three if they can continue their discussion outside the store. Tsutomu takes up the attack again and blames Yuu, and then Ginta, for his problems. Arimi stands her ground telling Tsutomu that she can date who she wishes, and it won't be him. The rest of the girls are a bit jealous of Arimi having three guys after her. Arimi is a bit embarrassed by all this attention and figures that everything has gotten all mixed up here, especially her plan about making Miki jealous and getting Yuu back. Meanwhile, Tsutomu takes this chance to make fun of Ginta in front of the assembled crowd. This soon turns into yelling and a challenge (to Yuu as well). An embarrassed Arimi takes this chance to slip back into the crowd. Kishima comes over and suggests a contest, and Tsutomu agrees.

Nacchan and Ryoko pass by a flower shop on their date. At her happy request, they stop to take a look.

Back at Junk Jungle, the three fellows are surprised at the contest. Kishima says that it will be in sales; whoever sells the most this afternoon will winner. Tsutomu, of course, has to suggest a further penalty for the loser, a bozu (really short haircut). Miki, Arimi, and Yuu are not surprised at this. Even though he claims he will not lose, the idea of Tsutomu with yet shorter hair makes both girls laugh.

At the signal from Kishima, the contest is on. Ginta tries, awkwardly, to help some gals already in the store while Tsutomu heads out to the sidewalk to drum up more customers.

Nacchan and Ryoko continue down the street on their date after having bought a large bunch of roses. They wonder why a crowd has gathered in front of Junk Jungle. A bystander explains the contest to them. Kishima's business is booming. Yuu's ``fan club'' is giving him plenty of business, and Ginta's embarrassed, nice-guy image does passably, but Tsutomu manages to combine his incredible lack of tact with a similar lack of taste and style.

Nacchan and Ryoko are surprised to find Yuu, Ginta and even Kishima there. It turns out that they went to school with Kishima (though he was ahead of them). While the three adults talk and watch, the three boys handle sales (or try to) while Miki and Arimi man the cash register.

An aggravated Meiko walks home from school, followed by a persistent Miwa. She tells him that she'd much rather walk alone. They pass by Junk Jungle and notice that Nacchan and Ryoko are having tea outside, along with Kishima. Meiko's anger turns to hurt and she walks off totally ignoring Miwa (who had just noticed Yuu also working there).

That evening, when Junk Jungle has finally closed, and the contest finished, Tsutomu sits on the floor lamenting that he came in dead last in this contest. Ginta asks for a photo of his new haircut. Kishima thanks the three. Because of them, today's sale went very well. Ryoko suggests a rest, and Nacchan gives a thirsty Tsutomu a cup of tea. He says he was surprised to find all of them here today. Miki comments that she also was surprised; she didn't know that Nacchan and Ryoko were dating. Kishima comments on what a small world it is, and gives Tsutomu a consolation prize of a few shirts. He says that maybe the girls will think he looks good in these. Unfortunately for him, Arimi turns up her nose at the mere thought. At this, his eyes fill with tears and everyone else breaks out laughing.

Afterwards, Miki and Yuu walk home together talking about the contest and Tsutomu's coming haircut. They arrive home to find suitcases in the front hall. Their parents explain that the four of them are going on a vacation. Their lack of thought shines through, since they managed to forget to tell Miki and Yuu until now. The two will be left at home alone, but their parents promise to bring them some souvenirs as consolation. The thought of being all alone in the house with Yuu quite surprises Miki.

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