Marmalade Boy episode 36

Episode Title
Hitori bocchi Ore ga wasuresasete yaru!!
[All alone I'll make you forget him!!]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Kitahara Anju (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.03
It had been one week since Miki and Yuu fought. They hadn't talked to each other at all since then. It was the day that they were supposed to leave for the trip, and Miki was in her room feeling very sad. Then she heard Yuu leave.

[title screen]

After work Suzu went to Miki's ice cream store. Suzu said that she thought Miki might have gone with Yuu. Miki was surprised that Suzu knew about Yuu's trip. Then Kei came and Suzu left.

Miki said, "Kei-kun." Then Miki thought to herself, "Yuu, please give me strength." She continued, "Please give me back my medallion. Why did you say such a lie to Yuu?"

Then Kei tossed the medallion back to Miki. Miki told Kei that she had fought with Yuu, and started crying.

Kei said, "I won't apologize. If he's going to betray you by just those words, it means that he didn't like you that much. If your relationship is going to break with just that, you probably would have broken up with him anyway. Choose me instead of him! I won't make you cry!"
Miki said, "Stop it!"
Kei said, "I'll make you forget about him."
miki said, "Stop it!!" and then ran off.

Arimi was with Ginta. Arimi was laughing and having a good time. Ginta was looking around to see if Tsutomu was around.

Miki was crying and running. Then Ginta saw her and caught her. He asked what happened.
Miki said, "Ginta, I'm sorry. For now please leave me alone." Then Miki ran off by herself.

[CM break]

At school Meiko was waiting for Miwa, and Miwa was very happy. He asked if Meiko had made up her mind (on the story that she was writing about the girl who couldn't decide between an older man and a younger man). Meiko said that she had, and wanted Miwa to read the story.

Meiko said, "I wanted you to be the first to read it. Also please tell me your opinions truthfully. If you think it is no good, please say so. Please don't try to make me feel good."
Miwa said, "All right. I'll be honest. I promise."

The next day, Miki was working again at the ice cream shop. She was relieved that Kei wasn't working that day.

At night, Namura got a phone call from Ryoko. Ryoko told Namura that Meiko had finished her novel. She said that Miwa had really supported Meiko a lot.

Meanwhile Miwa went to Meiko's house. Miwa said, "I wanted to fell you my feelings as soon as possible. It's so great. It's not a lie. It's my true feelings."
Meiko said, "I'm happy. I didn't have any confidence."
Miwa said, "I asked you many times before, but I'll ask again. Will you go out with me?"
Meiko said, "Yes."

Ryoko said to Namura, "My duty is over. Of course I'll watch over her as a teacher. But she's all right now. She's started to walk on her own now. So I don't want to watch over her any more."
Namura said, "Yeah. Ryoko, thanks for doing it for so long."
Ryoko said, "If you're going to come to Tokyo on business, please call me."
Namura said, "Yeah."
Ryoko said, "Bye."

After hanging up the phone, Namura said to himself, "She's started to walk on her own.."

Meanwhile Ginta called Miki from a pay phone. He said that Arimi was worried about Miki. Arimi told Ginta to say, "Sometimes Yuu doesn't say enough words, and hurts girls. But you shouldn't worry too much. Miki's the one who is closest to Yuu, and she should believe in him."

Then Miki recalled the time when Yuu told Miki about seeing the medallion that Kei had. Yuu said that he didn't believed Kei's story.

[BGM: Moment]

Miki thought to herself, "Yuu trusted me. But, but I became jealous because of Suzu and said such bad things to Yuu."

Miki thanked Ginta and said that he would apologize to Yuu. Then Miki ran off to go pick up Yuu at the train station, because Yuu would be returning from his trip that day.

At the train station, Yuu got off of the train. Then a short haired girl in a high school uniform said, "Yuu-kun? You're Yuu-kun, aren't you? Matsuura Yuu-kun, right?"
Yuu didn't recognize the girl and said, "Who are you?"
The girl said, "Anju. Kitahara Anju. We played together, when we were in 6th grade. It's been five years already."
Yuu remembered and said, "You're Ann? The tomboy with the braided hair."
Anju said, "Yes, but I don't have braids any more."
Yuu said, "I didn't think we would meet at a a place like this."
Anju said, "I didn't either."
Yuu said, "Do you live here now?"
Anju said, "Yes, I moved here last year. What about you?"
Yuu said, "I moved here this year. My parents got divorced.. You don't have to feel that sad. They got divorced, but we are living together."

Miki was running and finally arrived at the station. As Yuu was coming from the stairs, Miki saw him. Miki ran to him and apologized, "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Not telling you that I lost the medallion, and being suspicious about Suzu. I was foolish. It's as you say. When I was alone, I thought about it and I knew that I was wrong. So please don't say that you'll give back the medallion."
Yuu said, "I'm sorry myself. I shouldn't have left you. I was like a child."
Anju appeared and said, "Yuu?"

[BGM ended]

Anju said, "Good evening."
Yuu said, "Miki, this is Kitahara Anju, an old friend."

Miki wondered about Yuu calling Anju, "Ann."

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