Marmalade Boy episode 37

Episode Title
Kanashii saikai Fukkiretato omotteta no ni
[Sad reunion I thought I'd gotten over you]
Air Date
Guest Characters
Kitahara Anju (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.03
Meiko said, "Miki, it's great that you were able to make up with Yuu. You look best when you are with him. I think I found it too."

[title screen]

At home Miki went to pick up the phone. It was from Anju. Miki wondered about the phone calls, as Anju had been calling Yuu every day.

Miki said, "Yuu's voice when he talks to Anju is very cheerful. An old friend.. I wonder what kind of friend. I want to ask him, but I don't want him to think I'm jealous again.

Later when Arimi went to the ice cream shop, Miki was working and asked her if there was a girl called Kitahara Anju in her old school. Arimi said, "Kitahara Anju? I don't think there was anyone like that in our junior high school."

Miki asked if Arimi was going to see Ginta. Arimi said that she was, and Miki became happy that things were going well between Ginta and Arimi.

Yuu gave Suzu a souvenir from Kyuushuu. Suzu was very happy, but she asked him if he had bought something for Miki. Yuu said, "Of course."
Suzu asked, "What did you buy her?"
Yuu said, "It's a secret."
Suzu was disappointed that Yuu had made up with Miki.

Ginta was running as he was late. When he arrived at the park, he saw Arimi talking to some guy. Ginta got upset and ran to him. "Hey! Get away from Suzuki-san!" Then Ginta pushed the guy down onto the ground. Ginta quickly asked Arimi if she was all right. But Arimi immediately went to the guy and asked if he was all right. Arimi said, "What are you doing Suou-kun!"
Ginta said, "I thought you were being pestered by some strange guy."
Arimi said, "He was just asking for directions."

Then Arimi ran off, as all of the other people in the park started staring at them.

Miki told Kei that she had made up with Yuu. She said Yuu had accepted her medallion too.

Later Miki asked Yuu if she could go to Junk Jungle (the shop where Yuu worked) the next day. But Yuu said that the was taking the day off to go see Anju. Miki began to worry. Then Yuu asked if Miki wanted to tag along. He said that Anju also wanted to talk to Miki (Anju called Miki Yuu's cute girl friend). Miki was happy that Yuu had told Anju about her. Then Miki told Yuu to go see Anju alone.

Suzu went to the ice cream store and scolded Kei. She was upset that Kei had blown the chance to take Miki away from Yuu. But Kei snapped back, and told Suzu to go home.

Ginta tried to call Arimi at night. But Arimi just hung up on him.

Miwa called Meiko and asked her out to a concert, as he had just gotten his hands on some tickets. Meiko said that she would go with him. Miwa said that they should meet early and go out to eat before the concert. Meiko said ok to that too.

When Ryoko got home, there was a message on her answering machine from Namura. He was going to be coming to Tokyo on business.

[CM break]

The next day at tennis practice, Miki was a little spaced out. She was thinking that Yuu was with Anju.

Yuu and Anju were in a coffee shop. Yuu said, "It's amazing that you knew it was me." (When Anju saw Yuu at the station.)
Anju said, "I'm surprised myself. Because the Yuu that I knew was much smaller and looked more like a child. Of course you were a child. But you also remembered that you called me 'Ann'. Since you were the only one who called me that, it made me remember the past. Also, I was very happy."
Yuu said, "It was very shocking, my first impression of you."

[flashback to the past]

Little Yuu was sitting by himself in the woods by a lake. He looked very sad. Then little Anju came and hit him on the head with a book.

Anju said, "This is how Ann hit Gilbert on the head with a stone board. Then the stone broke in two."
Yuu said, "Ann?"
Anju said, "The main character of this book, The Red Haired Ann."

[end of flashback]

Anju said, "You looked very sad, so I wanted to do something to cheer you up."
Yuu said, "Does someone who wants to cheer up a person hit him on the head?"
Anju said, "But that's all I could think of.."
Yuu said, "It's like you.. But it did change my mood. I was so surprised that I forgot what I was thinking about."
Anju said, "See, it worked."

Miwa and Meiko were walking around town. Miwa asked Meiko what she wanted to eat. Then suddenly on of Meiko's classmates (Keiko) came. Keiko said that she had seen Namura near the Junk Jungle. Meiko started to go off. But Miwa stopped her and said, "Don't go."
Meiko said, "Let me go. Please."
Miwa said, "What if I say no."
Meiko started crying and said, "I'm sorry. I thought I had made up my feelings. I thought I had gotten over it. But.. I'm sorry."
Then Miwa said, "Do whatever you like," and let Meiko go.

At tennis practice Ginta was thinking about Arimi. Miki saw Ginta screw up and laughed at him. Then Miki saw Meiko on the school grounds. But she knew that Meiko was supposed to be on a date with Miwa.

[BGM: Saigo no Yakusoku]

Meiko was running all over town looking for Namura. Meiko said to herself, "What am I doing here? I thought I had gotten over it." Meiko started to cry. "I couldn't forget about him."

Then late at night, finally spotted Namura and Ryoko.

[end of BGM]

Meiko ran to Namura and cried to him that she had been looking all over town for him. But Namura pushed Meiko away and said, "I have already split up with you."

Meiko was shocked. Then Namura returned Meiko's medallion to her. Meiko cried, but Namura told Meiko to go home. Meiko said that she didn't want to go home. Then Namura said, "I'm going out with Ryoko."

Both Meiko and Ryoko were shocked.

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