Marmalade Boy episode 38

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Anju no omoi Miki-san no tsugi de iino!
[Anju's feelings Being second to Miki is fine!]
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Guest Characters
Kitahara Anju (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.08
Meiko was reading the diary from Miki. Miki was concerned about Yuu seeing Anju so much. But Meiko herself was concerned about what had happened the previous night when she met Namura.

[title screen]

Rokutanda Tsutomu had made up his mind that he was going to face Arimi. He was waiting for Arimi in the street after school. But since she was so late, Tsutomu wondered if Arimi had already made up with Ginta.

Arimi was walking down the street with two of her friends. When she told them that she had just hung up on Ginta, they told her that she should make up with him. Then Tsutomu spotted Arimi and called out for her.

Tsutomu faced Arimi and said with all of his courage, "Until now I've always gone after just you. But you've never looked at me. But I want to settle it right now. Ginta and I had competed all this time in many things. Now you are in front of Ginta and me. This is the last chance. Arimi, choose me instead of Ginta."
Arimi said, "Rokutanda.."
Tsutomu said, "Please, Arimi."
Arimi said, "I'm sorry. I can't answer to you feelings."

Arimi left and Tsutomu started crying.

Miki and Yuu were walking home together. They didn't get to walk home together much because Miki had tennis practice and Yuu worked. So Miki suggested that they go somewhere together. But Yuu said that he had to go see Anju, because he had promised to lend her a CD. Miki thought to herself that Yuu was a little too friendly with Anju. Then Miki asked Yuu about Anju. "What kind of friend is Anju?"
Yuu said, "A friend from the past."
Miki said, "I heard that. But what about when you met, or where, or such?"
Yuu said, "I first met Anju when I was in 6th grade. It was when I was feeling sad after finding out that my father wasn't my real father. There wasn't anything that I could believe in, and she was the only person that I could talk to."

[flashback - little Yuu and little Anju playing and laughing together]

Yuu said, "Ann's smile was the only thing that I could believe in."

[flashback - little Yuu and little Anju were playing. Yuu fell down and Anju put her head on his chest.]

Anju said, "I can hear the sound of your heart. It's beating a lot."

[end of flashback]

Yuu said to Miki, "If Ann wasn't there at that time, I don't know what would have happened to me."
Miki said, "Is that your first love?"
Yuu said, "Maybe you can call it that."
Miki said,"Really?"
Yuu said, "You're jealous?"
Miki said, "No, it's not that."
Yuu said, "You're very cute."
Miki said, "Huh?"
Yuu said, "Your emotions show on your face right away. See, you turned red right away."
Miki said, "Don't tease me!"

Then Yuu apologized for having to leave, and left to see Anju.

Miki thought to herself, "Yuu's first love. I'm a little worried."

[CM break]

Arimi went to Ginta's school. But since they didn't have tennis practice that day, she couldn't find him. Then Ginta came and spotted Arimi. Ginta had returned to school because he had forgotten something. Ginta asked why Arimi was there. Then Arimi said in a mean voice, "It doesn't have anything to do with you. Bye!"

Ginta tried to stop Arimi, but Arimi kept going. Then Arimi stopped and threw a jet memo (an electronic device shaped like a little jet airplane) to Ginta. Arimi immediately ran off.

Then Ginta played back the message in the jet memo. It was an apology from Arimi.

Yuu was with Anju. Anju thanked Yuu for letting her borrow the CD. Then Anju spotted some boats in a lake, and wanted to ride it. Yuu commented that it was winter and cold, but he agreed.

Yuu and Anju went out on the boat. Yuu told Anju that Miki seemed worried about him meeting her.

Anju said, "Oh Miki is worried about me."
Yuu said, "Isn't it funny. It shows on her face, so I know right away what she's thinking."
Anju said, "You're very close."
Yuu said, "Is that so."
Anju said, "Yes, I wish I had a boy friend too. If I didn't meet you at the station, I wouldn't have been able to spend time with you again."
Yuu said, "Yeah, there is an inseparable relationship between you and me."
Anju said, "Yes, when I'm with you, I feel very relaxed. It's been a while since I felt this way.."
Yuu said, "Me too. It feels like I'm going to time slip."
Anju said, "Really. It's like a dream. I wish this can continue forever."

Meiko went to the teachers' office to get the daily paper. Ryoko tried to talk to Meiko, but Meiko just walked out on her.

Arimi was wondering if Ginta had read the jet memo. When Arimi arrived at school, Ginta was waiting for her. Ginta said that he had something to say to her, and they went off together.

Ginta told Arimi that he had read the jet memo, and he said that he was the one who should apologize. Ginta also apologized for not knowing a girl's feelings too well. Arimi said that she was very embarrassed [at that time]. But she also said that she was very happy [because of what Ginta did]. She said that she had always been alone before.

[BGM: Taiyou wo Sagashite (Hisakawa Aya)]

Ginta and Arimi went out together.

[end of BGM]

Anju went to meet Miki.
Anju said, "I came to see you because there is something that I have to talk to you about."
Miki said, "Something you have to tell me?"
Anju said, "Actually, I.. I like Yuu. I've liked him ever since 6th grade. I know that you like Yuu and he likes you, but I just want to like him in my heart. I can't forget him. But don't worry. I won't do anything to try to get between you two."
Miki was shocked.
Anju said, "I'm sorry. I can be second to you. Let me stay this way."
Miki thought to herself, "What should I do? What should I say at times like this?"

Meanwhile Yuu was teaching Suzu and scolder her. Then Yuu noticed a picture book of the works done by Suzu's father. Suzu had brought it thinking that Yuu might like to see it. Yuu looked at it and was very amazed at the work. Suzu was staring at Yuu, and thought he was very pretty. She wanted to see him every day.

Miki was thinking to herself while she was working at the ice cream store. Kei saw her and thought that Miki was depressed. But Miki said that it wasn't so. Kei said that he couldn't believe Yuu would make Miki feel sad. Miki kept saying that it wasn't as Kei was thinking.

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