Marmalade Boy episode 41

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Koibito-tachi no asa Merry Christmas
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.24
"The song that I'm going to play now, is something that I made for my love, who is sitting there." Kei said as he got ready to play the piano. "It's a Christmas present from me to her." Miki was shocked, and wanted Yuu to come.

[title screen]

Meanwhile Yuu was running to the hospital. Yuu reached Anju, who was being carried to the operating room.

While Kei was playing the piano, Miki had some flashbacks of the things that happened with Kei. Miki meeting Kei in the storage room of the ice cream shop, etc..

Meanwhile Ryoko had arrived in Hiroshima.

When Kei finished playing the song, the crowd cheered for him.

Meanwhile Meiko was by herself at home, and heard some noise outside. She got her book and slowly walked to the window, ready to attack any intruder. But it was a guy in a santa outfit. Meiko immediately recognized him as Miwa.

Meanwhile Ryoko went to the office where Namura was working. Namura was surprised as Ryoko said, "Since I wanted to give you the present in person, I came."

Then Ryoko cried to Namura and said, "I love you."

"Ever since the spring of the first year in high school, when we were on the tennis team. Even when I was going out with Kijima-san, I was looking at you. During college, and while we were teachers, for nine years I've always watched you. I know you still love Akizuki-san, and she is my student. I know I have to give up on you, and just try to be a very close friend. But I can't. I love you. I can't stop this feeling. I don't know what to do."

Namura said, "I'm sorry. I never noticed your feelings. Or maybe I just tried to avoid it, ever since I met Akizuki. Ryoko, it's as you say. I still can't get over Akizuki. So give me some more time to think."

Meanwhile at the hospital, Anju was going through the operation. Yuu was just outside the operating room calling out for Anju to live. Yuu had talked to Anju's parents and learned that there was only a 50% chance of Anju surviving.

Meanwhile Miwa told Meiko that he had borrowed the santa outfit in return for passing out tickets to a Christmas party. Meiko said that she couldn't believe Miwa could work. Miwa said that he was surprised at himself too. Then Miwa took out a pretty red dress and gave it to Meiko. But Meiko said that she couldn't accept something so expensive. Then Miwa said that he would make a deal with her, and pulled out two tickets to the Christmas party.

Miki was wondering where Yuu was, and called home. But nobody answered. Then Kei came up to Miki.

[CM break]

Miki thanked Kei for the song, saying it was much too good for her. Kei said that Yuu didn't show up. Miki said that something must have come up. As Miki was going to leave, Kei asked her to stay. Kei said, "I know I'm running away. I know what I have to do. But it's too hard by myself. So if you can be with me, I feel I can try it again. I know can do it." Then Kei grabbed Miki. "Stay with me. Please don't go anywhere. I need you." But Miki slapped Kei.

"Don't act like a spoiled child!" Miki shouted. "You can do it by yourself. You really like piano, don't you? You've refreshed now, so you can do it. Let me hear your piano again sometime." Then Miki said, "Go back to school," and left.

"She's treating me like a child. She's only one year older than me. She's acting so old.." Kei muttered to himself.

At the Christmas party, Miwa and Meiko were dancing and having a good time. [Meiko is very pretty in the red dress.]

Miki got home, but there was nobody else there. When she went to her room, she saw the voice memo on the door. Yuu had left a message for Miki telling her that Anju had been carried to the hospital. Miki was shocked and quickly rushed to the hospital.

When Miki got to the hospital, she saw Yuu by the operating room door. Yuu was crying out for Anju to survive.

"You helped me out a lot when I was young. Now I'm going to help you. Ganbare! No matter what, you have to live! Ann!"

[BGM: slow, music only version of Egao ni Aitai]

Miki saw Yuu and left.

She was holding the present that she was supposed to give Yuu. "I was supposed to give this to Yuu, but it might be over.." Miki started crying.

Meanwhile Suzu went to the club. The master told her that it was closed, and that she was probably too young. But Kei said that Suzu was with him.

Suzu sat down at a table, and asked Kei if Yuu and Miki had come. Kei just said that he didn't know. Then Kei started playing a song for Suzu on the piano.

[BGM: Saigo no Yakusoku]

Miki was crying at home in her own room.

Meanwhile Anju had survived the operation. Yuu went to see her and Anju said, "Yuu, I'm sorry for making you worry. I'll go get the operation. I want to live more. I want to become healthy and find a nice boy friend, like Miki."
Yuu said, "Ann."
Anju said, "What are you waiting for?"
Yuu said, "What?"
Anju said, "You have to spend Christmas with your girl friend. Miki is waiting. I'll be all right. I've graduated from you."
Yuu said, "Ann."
Anju said, "Hurry."
Yuu said, "I understand."

As Yuu left, some tears flowed from Anju's eyes.

Miki was sleeping on her bed when Yuu came crashing into her room. Yuu told Miki to hurry. Miki thought Anju had died, but Yuu told her that Anju had recovered. Then Yuu pulled Miki out of the room, and they both ran outside. Miki asked where they were going, but Yuu just pulled her and kept running.

[BGM: slow, music only version of Egao ni Aitai]

They came to a top of a hill, and Yuu gave Miki her Christmas present. It was a glass with a Christmas tree drawn on it. Yuu told her to hold it up to the city lights, which made it look very pretty.

Then Miki gave Yuu the present that she had made. (little dolls of Yuu and Miki) Yuu looked at it and said, "Is this supposed to be me?
Miki said, "Yes, doesn't it look like you?"
Yuu said, "No, I'm much more handsome."
Miki got upset, "Yuu!"
Yuu said, "Just joking. Thank you, Miki."
Miki said, "Merry Christmas, Yuu."
Yuu said, "Merry Christmas."

Yuu and Miki held each other.

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