Marmalade Boy episode 42

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Shinshun koi moyou Saikou no toshi ni narisou
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.24
It was New Years Day, and Miki was thinking that last year was a very nice year. (flashback of Christmas) Miki was hoping that it will be a good year this year too.

[title screen]

Miki went downstairs and said, "Happy New Year! but there was nobody there. Miki thought that her parents were still sleeping, and that she would have a nice New Year Day, just with Yuu. When Miki opened the box of New Year Day food on the table, she found that there was no food inside. There was a note from her parents, who had gone out to see the sunrise. They had also left the New Year Day food in the refrigerator. Miki couldn't believe her parents.

When Miki was getting the food out of the refrigerator, Yuu came and told her to hurry. Then they went out to meet their friends at a local shrine.

Miki, Arimi, and Meiko greeted each other. Meiko was wearing a kimono and looked very pretty. Ginta was with Arimi.

Yuu said, "Since the girl inside is pretty, the kimono looks good."
Ginta agreed, and Arimi said, "Maybe I should have worn a kimono too."
But Ginta quickly said, "Arimi, you're very beautiful the way you are now."
When Miki said that she should have worn a kimono too, Yuu said that she doesn't have to. Miki thought that Yuu was going to say that she was pretty, but Yuu said, "If you wore a kimono, it would be a problem if people mistook you for a 7 year old." [7-5-3 is a Japanese custom to dress nice (in traditional wear) and take pictures]
Ginta started laughing, and kept laughing until Arimi hit him.

Then Miwa came, along with Suzu. Miki was slightly disturbed, but said, "It's New Year, so it's more fun with everyone."

Then Tsutomu came out saying he was happy to hear Miki's words. But everyone was very disappointed to see him.

Everyone went to the shrine and did their new year prayers.

I wish things work well with Arimi forever.
I wish I get a girl friend who is 100 times cuter than Arimi, and I hope Ginta gets very mad.
I wish big brother (Miwa) and Meiko get together, and Yuu and Miki separate.
I wish I can go on a trip with Yuu.

Everyone went and got their fortunes. Everyone did pretty well, except for Tsutomu, who got a kyou. [bad luck]

They all decided to split up for one hour. Suzu asked Yuu to go look at the shops with her, but Yuu said that he and Miki had to go buy some charms.

[BGM: Suzu's song]

Miwa asked Meiko to go watch some attractions with him. Meiko coldly walked off, and Miwa went after her.

Arimi said that they were going to look at the shops, and asked Suzu if she wanted to go along. But Suzu saw Arimi and Ginta together and declined.

Suzu was upset that everyone else were couples, and she was just someone in the way. Suzu and Tsutomu were left by themselves. Tsutomu said to Suzu that they might get along, but Suzu stuck out her tongue at him. Then Suzu went off by herself, leaving Tsutomu alone.

Suzu went after Yuu and Miki. But when she saw them laughing together, she decided to go after Miwa and Meiko. Miwa just tried to follow Meiko, and didn't pay any attention to Suzu. Then Suzu went looking for Ginta and Arimi. When Ginta and Arimi were looking at the stores, Ginta imagined Arimi in an apron cooking for him (image of the future), and Ginta became very, very happy. Suzu became very upset.

After buying the charms, Yuu and Miki went to the shops.

[CM break]

At the shops, Yuu bought Miki a cheap toy ring, and Miki was very happy. But she didn't put it on her ring finger, as she wanted to save it for the real thing. Yuu was very surprised at how happy Miki had become.

Tsutomu was wandering around by himself. He was upset that everyone else was a couple. Then he bumped into someone, and really yelled at that person. But he discovered that it was a very cute girl. He quickly apologized. The girl said that she had gotten separated from her friends, so Tsutomu said that he would help her find them.

Suzu was also walking around by herself.

It had been one hour, and everyone was waiting for Tsutomu.

As Tsutomu and Yayoi were walking around together, one of Yayoi's friends called out for her. Tsutomu was disappointed that they had already found Yayoi's friends. Yayoi said, "Thank you for helping me. Because of you, it was fun." Yayoi stuck out her hand, and Tsutomu happily shook her hand.

Tsutomu came back to the others and he was very happy. He told everyone that he had met a beautiful girl. Then Yuu asked Tsutomu if he had asked for her phone number. Tsutomu was shocked. Then Miwa asked if he had found out her address. Tsutomu was shocked. Then Miki asked if he had at least found out what school she was going to. Tsutomu was shocked, and fell to a new low.

After having their picture taken together, they all separated.

Arimi said that she was going to go to Ginta's house. Tsutomu wanted to go to. Ginta told him not to come, but Tsutomu started crying to Ginta. Then Arimi said, "There's Yayoi-chan!" and took off, when Tsutomu looked for Yayoi.

Miwa tried to go with Meiko, although she didn't want to be with him.

Suzu asked Yuu to come over to her house. Miki told Yuu to go, thinking it would be all right.

At Suzu's house, Suzu's father said that Suzu was doing better in her studies since Yuu was tutoring her. Suzu grabbed Yuu and said that since she liked Yuu, she'll do anything.

Suzu's father asked Yuu if Yuu would like to go to New York to study. He said that it would be better that way if he really wanted to go into architecture.

Meanwhile at home, Miki was playing cards with her parents. But Miki kept losing.

Then the door bell rang, and Miki rushed to answer it. It was Anju. Miki was surprised. "Anju-san, are you all right?"
Anju said, "Yes."
Miki said, "Please come in."
But Anju said, "No, I have to go right away. Is Yuu in?"
Miki said, "He's out now."
Anju said, "Then please give him a message. I'll be going to America for the operation."
Miki was surprised. "America? That far?"
Anju said, "It's going to be a difficult operation, but I think this is the last chance."
Miki said, "Then I can't be too careless."
Anju said, "What?"
Miki said, "When you become healthy and return, I might have Yuu taken away."

Both Miki and Anju smiled.

Then Yuu came home. "Ann!"
Anju said, "Yuu."
Yuu asked, "Ann, are you all right already?"
Anju said, "Yes."
Miki said, "Anju is going to America for the operation."
Yuu said, "What?"
Miki said, "Yuu, give her that."
Yuu took out the charm and gave it to Anju. Yuu said, "We got this for you."
Anju said, "A charm, Thank you. I'll take good care of it. I have to go now."
Miki said, "You have to go already?"
Anju said, "I'm pretty busy with the preparations."
Yuu said, "I'll take you home."
Anju said, "No. My parents are waiting for me in the car. Good bye."
Yuu said, "Be careful."
Miki said, "When you get over there, please write a letter."
Anju said, "Un."
Yuu said, "Ganbareyo."
Miki said, "Ganbatte ne."
Anju said, "Un!"

After Anju left, Miki asked Yuu, "Anju will be all right?"
Yuu said, "She will."
Miki said, "It looks like this is going to be a good year."
Yuu said, "Yeah." Then Miki and Yuu were about to kiss. (They were in front of their house.) But Yuu and Miki's parents opened the door and told them to hurry up and come in to play the game.

Miki said, "This is a great New Year. It's going to be a great year."

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