Hero Collection 1

The Hero Collection 1 set contains 84 cards (numbered 1 to 84). There are 72 normal cards and 12 prism cards. There are also 16 platinum cards and 3 double gold prism cards.

References to the "OP" animation mean the *first* OP animation.

01 n Yuu, Miki and Miwa, from the 'skating' eyecatch, Miwa on the ground
02 n Miki in tennis outfit, looking shocked
03 n Yuu, smiling, eyes closed, green hat. From amusement park in episode 3?
04 n Meiko in school outfit, holding up one finger. Hearts in background
05 n Yuu in original school outfit, eyes closed, smiling. From episode 1
06 n Miki winking, with hat on cockeyed. (OP)
07 n Yuu's "new" parents, eyes closed, drink glasses in their hands
08 n Miki with a slight blush. Can't really see her outfit
09 n Miki's "new" parents, eyes closed, drink glasses in their hands
10 n Ginta in school outfit with tennis racket case. Blue sky and a tree
11 n Meiko in green school uniform, smiling, in library
12 n Arimi, Tsutomu and Ginta, from start of their 'skating' eyecatch
13 n Yuu smiling, with a blue top. Yellow and green BG with red hearts
14 n Tsutomu with short hair, green top, looks sad. Junk Jungle, episode 9
15 n Arimi hanging on a shocked Ginta's arm
16 n Miki in pink outfit, her hair down, blushing. Ep 1 when she first saw Yuu
17 n Meiko and Miwa, both in school outfits, outside the school building
18 n Miki in school outfit, winking and holding marmalade jar, from episode 2
19 n Yuu in white top and orange/blue jacket, hand out, smiling. Episode 1
20 n Arimi, head only, sparkling background
21 n Tsutomu, angry, in school outfit. Park-like background, from ep 8?
22 n Miwa in school outfit, smiling. In school library
23 n Ginta in tennis outfit, holding his racket. Yellow background
24 n Miki in overalls, looking depressed. Yuu with hands in pockets
25 n Namura with arm around Meiko. Night sky BG. From episode 8
26 n Miki crying, in her pink flowery outfit, from the restaurant in ep 1
27 n Yuu and Miki in their school outfits, coming in the front door at home
28 n Yuu in school outfit, blue curtain and yellow wall visible behind him
29 n Kijima in his usual sunglasses, leather jacket, and apron
30 n Ginta in a white top, with white and blue background
31 n Tsutomu in tennis outfit (white top), mostly blue background
32 n Meiko, Namura and Miwa from end of their 'skating' eyecatch
33 n Miki in her room, embarrassed with hands on cheeks
34 n Arimi arm-in-arm with Ginta. Arimi in purple, Ginta in a white jacket
35 n Namura and Ryouko together, night sky BG. From episode 8
36 n Miki in school outfit, angry and yelling, park BG. From episode 8
37 n Miki and Yuu, Miki in blue & yellow, Yuu in tan and purple. From OP anim
38 n Kijima, Ryouko and Naamura, together in a building (bar?)
39 n Yuu and Meiko in school outfits, bushes and blue sky in background
40 n Tsutomu trying to sell something to a stranger. From episode 9
41 n Ginta and Miki, in sweats, on the tennis court. Doing stretch exercises
42 n Miki blushing, in her pink outfit, with 2-tone blue BG. From episode 1
43 n Meiko and Namura watching fish at an aquarium
44 n Miki's parents and Yuu's parents
45 n Namura, with an arm around Meiko. Red and blue 'bubbles' BG
46 n Tsutomu, Ginta and Yuu, with shocked expressions. Orange/yellow BG
47 n Yuu and Miki with 'sunset' sky BG. From bike scene in episode 4
48 n Yuu and Miki in foyer of house, their parents packed for a trip. Ep 9?
49 n Yuu with arm around Miki, possibly from just after kiss in OP animation
50 n Miki in a pink top, resting her head on her diary
51 n Yuu and Miki doing some window shopping. From episode 12
52 n Miki in a purple top, licking an ice cream cone. From episode 12
53 n Ginta, Miki and Yuu, standing together, from the OP animation
54 n Arimi in her school outfit, kissing Yuu and crying. From episode 14
55 n Arimi smiling, with her hand on Yuu's chin. From episode 3?
56 n Miki and Yuu together, with their tennis rackets held up between them
57 n Meiko and Namura kissing, in the library. From episode 5
58 n Namura (carrying flowers) and Ryouko, in Junk Jungle. From episode 9
59 n Arimi in her yellow outfit, and Ginta, at Miki's door. From episode 11
60 n Suzu in her school(?) outfit, against a yellow background
61 n Arimi in school outfit, holding bookbag, trees in BG. From episode 14?
62 n Kei in a red top and jeans, against a green background
63 n Ginta, Miki and Yuu standing together, from OP animation (just upper body)
64 n Yuu and Miki kissing, during sunset at the beach. From episode 25
65 n Yuu and Miki at amusement park, Miki holding kappa doll. From episode 3
66 n Miki and Meiko drinking something, with Yuu on a bike in the background
67 n Yuu and Miki kissing on a bench, from the OP animation
68 n Yuu and Miki shopping together, Miki holding a clown item. Episode 12
69 n Miki in a light blue top, smiling, holding an umbrella
70 n Miki and Yuu, twice. Tennis wear and normal clothes. From OP animation
71 n Miki on her side, black top and blue jeans, wearing cross. Abstract BG
72 n Meiko on blue BG, Ginta on red BG, Miki and Yuu on yellow BG
73 Z Ginta, full body, side view, green jacket and dark pants
74 Z Miki and Meiko, in green school uniforms, waving
75 Z Miwa, full body, purple jacket and dark pants (from package)
76 Z Ginta, Miki and Yuu in school outfits. Miki waving, mouth open (from pkg)
77 Z Yuu, full body, dark top with yellow vest, green pants
78 Z Miki, from waist up, pink top, her hair down except for two small braids
79 Z Yuu (***)
80 Z Ginta, full body, jeans and a white & red shirt (says 'River Side Story')
81 Z Arimi, full body, in pink outfit with red spots, red hat, white purse
82 Z Miki, full body, purple outfit with purple striped top
83 Z Yuu and Miki (***)
84 Z Meiko, full body, dark top with red vest and skirt (from package)

PC-01 Miwa (***)
PC-02 Miki wearing the blue and pink dress from Junk Jungle (episode 21)
PC-03 Yuu in navy blazer, carrying a blue duffel bag
PC-04 Yuu in a white top, with purple background
PC-05 Ginta (***)
PC-06 Yuu in school outfit, head on his palm, winking, Green background
PC-07 Meiko in her school outfit, smiling, orange background
PC-08 Arimi in school outfit, sticking out her tongue, light blue background
PC-09 Yuu (***)
PC-10 Meiko (***)
PC-11 Miwa (***)
PC-12 Miki in yellow and white 'Pote Pote' shirt, holding a package
PC-13 Suzu against a pink background
PC-14 Miki, blushing a little, bluish background (party in episode 11?)
PC-15 Kei against a yellow background
PC-16 Miki in white school uniform

Double Gold Lasers

01 Miki, wearing a pink blouse
02 Ginta, in T-shirt and jeans
03 Meiko, from knees up, dark top with red vest and skirt

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