Megami Paradise Spring Seminar


Starchild, KICA-235
1980 yen
released 1995.04.05

The tracks are as follows.

  1. homeroom (hikari no megami)
  2. lesson 1 Kagai Jugyou no Hajimari
  3. lesson 2 Yami no Megami tachi
  4. lesson 3 Boin Boin Boyo Boyon
  5. lesson 4 Kyouran no Stashia
  6. homeroom (yami no megami)
The front cover has a picture of the four megami. The back cover has a slightly deformed drawing of the four megami.

The booklet has character information about the four megami.


Where is Megami Paradise?

It's on the stomach of a giant turtle who is flying in space.
It's inside a big cave in the earth.
It's in the middle of the earth and heavens.

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