Sister Princess episode 14

Sister Princess episode 14
Hontou no Kimochi
Wataru was looking out at the ocean thinking about his letter to Akio. He was thinking about his sisters. They were still sleeping. Wataru said that he would give it his best.


Karen was staring at the light bulb above a painting. The light bulb was flickering, and Karen looked distressed.

Wataru was in the kitchen with the rest of his sisters. He mentioned something that I didn't understand. Apparently the sisters didn't understand it either as they gave him funny looks.

Mami was in her room working on her laptop computer and she sent a message to her unknown benefactor. She was thinking of a plan to get to Wataru.

Wataru was walking with Hinako and Sakuya to school. Sakuya was coming onto him. Then she grabbed his bookbag and said that she was going to race him. Wataru was surprised but Hinako quickly ran after Sakuya.

At school, Yamada was furiously writing a letter. His pencil broke because he was writing so hard. Then he started crying and telling Wataru that he wished that he had some younger sisters (or something like that).

Wataru was sitting outside with Marie and Aria. Marie was reading a book. Wataru asked her about it, but she said that she was happy just being there with him. She then listened to the seashell that he had given to her earlier. Aria just put her head in Wataru's lap and said that she liked being there with him.

But then Wataru saw Kaho. He apologized to Aria and got up. Aria waved her arms in frustration. Wataru called out to Kaho, who was practicing her baton twirling. She immediately dropped her baton. He gave her back the baton and wished her luck. She then ran back to the cheerleading squad.

Karen came home from school and saw that the light above the painting had gone out. Wataru came home and opened the door. Karen said that she was glad that he was home because she wanted to show him something. Wataru got very excited, but then she said that the light had gone out.

Karen held the ladder as Wataru dangerously unscrewed the bulb that was located high above the floor. Karen said that she felt sorry for the painting of angels. Wataru said that he would go buy a new one, and this made Karen very happy.

Wataru went to several stores, but none of them had the special bulb that he had. Karen looked sad, but Wataru said that he wasn't going to give up. Then Karen hugged him tightly and said that she loved him. Wataru was shocked. Then a few people on the street commented on the two of them, confusing Wataru.

Wataru went to a lantern shop, but the guy said that he didn't have any light bulbs. But Karen went and looked at the wares. One of the lanterns would rotate by itself and it would throw patterns of bunnies and fish on the walls. Karen was saying that it was very awesome. Then the shop keeper suggested to Wataru that he buy it.

Then Wataru went to some Chinese store that had the kanji for electricity outside. But the man said that he didn't have any either.

Wataru and Karen were riding on the train. Wataru was thinking about where to go next. Karen was staring at his hands, which he kept closed. Then Wataru got an idea, and called out for the driver to stop.

He went to the antiques store and asked the man for a spare bulb. The man looked and found a bulb for them. I think that he said that it was free of charge.

Meanwhile, Chikage was walking in some strange area. She found a lone apple tree and pulled off a golden apple.

Wataru and Karen were walking home. Wataru said that it was a good thing that they found it. Karen heard a cat, and saw that there was a small cat hiding in between two buildings. She went over to it and called for it to come out. It did, and another cat ran up to it and the two began to cuddle. Wataru figured out that the one that was hiding must've gotten lost. I think that Karen asked if she ever got lost, would he try to go after her. Wataru didn't disagree, and Karen jumped on Wataru saying that she was so happy.


Rinrin was in her room. There were many large machines in her room, and she appeared to be repairing Rinrin-2, her large mechanical robot. I believe that she was thinking that her brother would be impressed when she was finished with it.

In the kitchen, Shirayuki was looking at a cookbook. She was wondering what her brother would like. She had just finished baking a cake in the oven. She figured that he would be happy to eat it, but then she realized that he wasn't around to try it.

Yotsuba was standing outside (amazingly, without her magnifying glass). She seemed to miss her older brother as well. Mamoru was riding her bike around and skidded to a stop near her. Then she hit her stopwatch and said that it was her best time yet. But Yotsuba sighed. Mamoru asked what was wrong, and Yotsuba said that she didn't know where her brother was. Mamoru wondered as well where he could be.

Karen and Wataru were eating at an outdoor restaurant in town. Karen was speaking very loudly about how much she liked being with him. Others saw this and thought that they were dating. Wataru got embarrassed. Then Karen asked if they looked like two lovers, and began rambling about how her heart pounded when they finally got the light. Wataru then changed the subject. As Karen was talking, she looked at Wataru's hands again. But his hands were again balled into fists.

She was about to say something important about her feelings to Wataru, but then the waiter came and delivered a parfait. Wataru asked what was she going to say, but Karen quickly said that it wasn't anything important. Then she began feeding the parfait to Wataru (like on a date).

They were riding the escalator back. Wataru's hands were still clasped shut on the ride down. Karen looked at her hand and sighed.

The cat that they had seen earlier was at the bottom of the escalator. Karen picked it up and wondered if it had gotten lost again. Karen said that she really wanted to get it back with her companion. She told him to wait there, and she ran back up the escalator into town. She ran to the original location where she first found it, but the other cat wasn't there. Then the cat jumped out of her arms, and she began chasing after it.

Karen ran past one of the shops. Sakuya was inside trying out a new dress. She said that her older brother would probably like this new outfit.

At a traditional cloth shop, Haruka was looking at some fancy pink cloth with flower patterns on it. She was planning on making a kimono out of it. She then fanaticized about herself and Wataru. Wataru was wearing the old style Japanese clothing, and Haruka became very embarrassed. She was blushing and babbling, while the shopkeeper wondered what she was doing. Meanwhile, Karen ran past the shop after the cat.

The skies were turning dark. Wataru wondered if she was going to be okay. Then it started raining. Wataru said that he had to make sure she was okay, and ran back up the escalator. As he did so, the companion cat from earlier ran down the escalator. It looked like it was trying to find its friend as well.

Karen was still running after the cat, except that she was now in some park. Meanwhile, Wataru noticed that the white cat was running somewhere, so he decided to follow it.

Finally, Karen caught the cat again. But then she realized that she didn't know where she was. She waited underneath a tree with the cat while the rain poured. Karen became very worried and wondered what she was going to do. The cat licked her face.

Then Wataru called out to Karen from a distance. He ran up to her and she embraced him as she started to sob. The two cats were also reunited. She apologized for making him go through so much trouble because of her. But Wataru didn't seem angry and said that they should go home. Wataru held out his hand for the first time, and Karen gladly took it.

When Wataru took Karen's hand, he suddenly had several images flash in front of him. He saw an image of him standing next to the phantom girl. He couldn't see her face. But then he was alone in a large field with tall grass. Wataru said, "This place..." But then Karen started calling to him and Wataru returned to reality.

As they walked home, the rain finally stopped and a rainbow appeared in the sky. Wataru and Karen walked home holding hands. She said that his hands were warm. Then Karen thanked for all of the things he did today for her. Wataru downplayed his efforts. But Karen said that he was in her heart, and that she was the greatest gift that she ever got.

When they got home, the put the light bulb back above the painting. With the light on, you could see the image of the (unusually dark) painting showing the Virgin Mary with the Christ child surrounded by angels. The other girls were looking at the picture as well. Karen thanked him again for bringing the angels back into the light. The others also commented on this.

Wataru just acted modest about it. But then Yotsuba went up to him with her magnifying glass. She said that something was strange, and she said that he had cat hair on him.

Then Mami came downstairs with a catalog and asked him what did he like the most. She had a catalog showing various strange devices. One was an automated facial machine, another was a takoyaki grill, and the last was a push-up bra. The other girls thought that she was acting strange. Mami quickly covered it up saying that it was just a joke and left quickly.

Chikage was at the top of her stairs with her golden apple and a small basket of regular apples. But then the gold one turned into a normal red one as she came downstairs.

Shirayuki said that she had made roast beef and it was time to eat. Then Chikage handed Wataru the apple. Shirayuki said that the apples would make a good dessert. So Chikage said that she would give him later.

At dinner, Wataru was thinking about his letter to Akio. Chikage told him to eat his apple. Apparently, Shirayuki had sliced the apples so they could eat them with a fork. Karen told him that the apples were delicious, and so Wataru ate his.

Meanwhile, Yamada was back at his apartment trying to work on his homework. He looked up and wondered if he was missing something.

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