Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 1

Sae to, Mahou Club to, Sakura no Ki
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Sae gave the introduction for the new series. They used their magic and fought against the invaders. Sae turned the large cylinder into a giant sakura tree, which was standing in the middle of the city.

[OP song "I Wanna Do More" by Ozaki Ami]

[title screen: Sae to, Mahou Club to, Sakura no Ki]

It was Sunday, but Aburatsubo and Takeo were in school, inside the magic club room, making some erotic sounds.. "Aa-n, aa--n.."

Meanwhile Sae was getting dressed in her magic outfit. She was going to school for her magic club activities.

There was a giant cherry blossom tree in the middle of the town, and it was dropping its petals all over the city.

Sae eventually reached Nanaka, who was shocked to see Sae wearing her magic outfit in public. Nanaka was wearing her school uniform. Akane wasn't there yet, but Sae was certain that she would come, as it was an important day for the magic club.

Meanwhile, Akane was getting her picture taken by some photographers. The male model was trying to pick her up, and offered to drive her home. Akane was thinking that she had something to do, but she couldn't remember it.

Sae and Nanaka went to the magic room, and heard the strange sounds coming from inside. Sae got all red.. Nanaka opened the door, and saw Aburatsubo sitting on top of Takeo, who had his rear raised in the air. Aburatsubo was sewing Takeo's pants, that had ripped.

Takeo asked about Akane, and Nanaka said that she probably wouldn't come, as she probably forgotten about it.

Meanwhile Akane was in a guy's car, and wondering if she had forgotten something.

The magic club had gotten together to do something about the giant cherry blossom tree. Takeo said that Sae did great in the battle against the aliens, but Aburatsubo pointed out all of Sae's faults. Sae thought to herself that she always caused trouble to others, and lost her confidence.

They drew a circle on the roof of the school. Then they all flew into the air, and flew to the cherry blossom tree. The plan was to put their magic cards on as many branches as possible. But Sae had enough trouble trying to fly.

Then Sae fell into the branches. She said that she might have torn her uniform.. Then Takeo started day dreaming about Sae's torn uniform.

Then they finally finished putting all the cards on the tree. Sae saw the cherry blossom tree, and realized how pretty it was.

Takeo said that they would change the tree into cherry blossom petals. They started their magic chant. Their magic sticks started to glow. The cards started to glow. Takeo said that things were going well. But then nothing happened. Nanaka asked if they had failed.

Then the tree started shaking. Nanaka asked Sae if she did something again. Sae said that she did concentrate, but she also thought that it would be great if the tree can grow somewhere else, where there was lots more room.

The tree then came out of the ground, and its roots turned into legs. The giant cherry blossom tree started walking. But the tree was being careful where it stepped, as it left a big hole where it walked.

[eye catch]

The tree kept walking, and the military helicopters were following it.

The magic club members were sitting on the branches. They were just going to see where the tree was going to go.

TV show reporting on the tree.

Miyama Mizuho came in her zeppelin and tried to talk to the cherry tree. But the military helicopters ordered her away.

Aburatsubo noticed that the military helicopters were going to attack. Nanaka wanted to escape, but Sae was worried about the tree. She wanted to protect the tree.

Takeo pulled out a random card, saying that it didn't matter which card they used, as it was Sae's feelings that were important. They used the magic, and created a strong wind around the tree. The helicopters had to retreat.

Then the tree kept walking into the mountains (north west of Tokyo). The tree finally planted itself in a comfortable location.

Then everyone snuck out (on foot), as there were too many reporters around for them to fly out.

As Sae was leaving, a human figure came floating out of the tree.

[ED song "Should I Do?" by Ozaki Ami]

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