Mahou Tsukai Tai TV series

The Mahou Tsukai Tai TV series was broadcast on WOWOW (satelite).

1 1999.07.07 Sae to, Mahou Club to, Sakura no Ki
2 1999.07.14 Nanaka to, Cake to, Kiken na Yoru
3 1999.07.21 Aburatsubo-senpai to, Asagao to, Oyako mendan
4 1999.07.28 Sae to, Furoba to, Tobira no Mukou
5 1999.08.04 Akane, the Hiccups, a Strage Relationshio
6 1999.08.18 Takakura-sempai, Origami, Secret Date
7 1999.08.25 Sae, a Tomato, Dance of the Paintbrush
8 1999.09.01 Alice, Railroad Tracks, Sauce Senbei
9 1999.09.08 Kimonos, Short Skirts, Age of Joy
10 1999.09.15 Snow, the Colt, First Kiss
11 1999.??.?? Akane-chan, Mirror, End of Year Sale
12 1999.??.?? The Kite, the Whirlwind, and Miki
13 1999.??.?? Sae's Magic, Sae's Feelings, Forever

It's important to note that Sae starts every episode writing a letter to "Mickey" telling him what happened that day. It's not explained who Mickey is, other than he is a powerful magician. In the OP, you see Sae getting a letter from a mailbox. This is assumedly a letter from him.

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