Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 3

Aburatsubo-senpai to, Asagao to, Oyako mendan
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Sae and Nanaka rushed to school, as Sae's parents were going to come to school soon. Sae said that Nanaka's mother really stood out the previous day, as she had come in her gardening clothes, dirty with mud.

Sae and Nanaka couldn't get into Takeo and Aburatsubo's classroom, as there were too many girls around the door. Nanaka wanted to leave, but Sae said that she had to see Takeo.

The group of girls were from the group, Aburatsubo anzen iinkai (Safety Committee), and they wanted to take care of Aburatsubo and his mother.

Takeo came and tried to get into the room. But he couldn't get past the girls. The girls kept pounding him. Then Sae noticed that he was here. Akane also came. When Akane saw that the others couldn't get to Aburatsubo, Akane just pushed her way through the crowd.

The magic club members all got inside, and they talked about their plans for the day. Sae's parent teacher meeting was going to be at 2, and Aburatsubo's was supposed to be 2:30. Sae said that she would go to the club room when she was finished.

Takeo announced that they would have club activities as usual. Nanaka, Akane, and he will wait for Sae and Aburatsubo. Takeo started to imagine things again.. (2 girls and him in the club room)

When Takeo came to, everyone except Nanaka had left. Then Mizuho came and told Takeo to go away, as her manga club was going to redesign their room. She didn't want the "little tricks" club to be around. Takeo was going to argue, but Mizuho threw a picture at him. It was an embarrassing picture of Takeo when he was little. Then Takeo ran off.

Takeo was outside in the school ground, and he imagined all the others leaving him. When he came to, Nanaka was still with him. She asked if he was going to cancel the club meeting.

Takeo: You must think I'm an undependable captain.
Nanaka: Yes, but don't worry, I have no intention of depending on you.

Nanaka said that she would tell the others that the meeting was canceled.

Later Sae was on the phone talking to her mother. Her parents were still at the airport, and they didn't make it to the meeting. Mother said that they were going to Okinawa (they had been in Hokkaidou).

Meanwhile Nanaka was looking for Aburatsubo. The girls of the Safety Committee were also looking for Aburatsubo.

Sae went to the magic club room, because she thought they were going to have the meeting. It was dark inside. Then someone came up from behind her, and grabbed her.

[eye catch]

Sae was going to scream, but she saw that it was Aburatsubo.

Meanwhile Nanaka was looking for Aburatsubo and Sae. She thought about going to the magic club room, but she thought nobody would be there.

The manga club members were moving boxes around, just outside of the magic club room.

When Sae tried to open the door, she found that the door was stuck. She was going to call for help, but Aburatsubo said that he wanted to stay hidden for a while.

Sae and Aburatsubo talked. Aburatsubo said that he didn't like those girls always around him. He said that those girls were just idolizing him with their imagination. But Sae said that Aburatsubo was really great at everything.

Then Aburatsubo and Sae tried to use their magic to get out. But it didn't work. Instead of going somewhere, Sae kept attracting many things to her, filling up the magic club room.

Meanwhile, Nanaka went to Takeo and said that she couldn't find Sae or Aburatsubo. Takeo thought that they went home. But Nanaka got upset. She knew Sae wouldn't go home like that.

Sae kept apologizing. But Aburatsubo said that it might be his fault. They sat down at the door. Sae was fidgeting. She then asked if Aburatsubo hated his mother. Aburatsubo said he didn't hate her, but sometimes he couldn't take it any more.

Meanwhile Taeko was determined to find Sae and Aburatsubo. Then Aburatsubo's mother arrived. She said that she would find him.

Sae and Aburatsubo were playing shiritori. Sae was really fidgeting. Then they heard someone moving the stuff outside the door. They heard Takeo's voice. Sae and Aburatsubo were very happy.

When Takeo opened the door, he saw Sae's face. He went to embrace her, but he ended up hugging Aburatsubo, as Sae dashed for the toilet. Takeo realized he was hugging Aburatsubo, and turned to stone. Then Aburatsubo's mother came and hugged (and kissed) Aburatsubo.

Later Sae and Nanaka walked home.

The mysterious person was sitting on a swing in a park, laughing.

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