Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 4

Sae to, Furoba to, Tobira no Mukou
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The magic club members were in the club room. Takeo was saying that if they can use the teleportation magic, then someone gets stuck in a room, they can easily escape. But this magic needed everyone's hearts to be together.

Then Akane said that she had to go to work. Takeo said that if this magic works, they can go anywhere they wanted to instantly. He told everyone to imagine a door, as teleportation is based on virtual doors joining the various locations.

They all started saying the magic words. While everyone was saying the words, Sae started thinking about a door. The door opened, and the mysterious person [who kept showing up a little in each of the previous episodes] was inside.

Then Takeo told everyone to take a step through the imaginary door. But their magic didn't work.

Akane ran off, saying she had to work. Sae and Nanaka also left. Aburatsubo and Takeo were left behind. Takeo was disappointed that the magic didn't work. Aburatsubo said that they can try again just the two of them.

Later Sae was thinking that it was her fault that the magic didn't work. She kept talking to herself, saying that she saw the mysterious person inside the room, and she couldn't concentrate on the magic.

Nanaka told Sae to hurry, and opened the classroom door. She stepped through. Then Sae went after Nanaka, but when she got into the hall, Nanaka was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile Nanaka appeared in a dessert store.. Also Akane mysteriously appeared at the photo studio where she had to work.

Sae went home, still wondering who the mysterious person was. When she was undressing and opened her closet door, Nanaka was inside!

Sae had no idea what was going on. Nanaka didn't know what was going on either. Nanaka asked if there was anything wrong with Sae, but Sae had no idea what Nanaka was talking about. Then Nanaka left, through Sae's closet.

Meanwhile Takeo went home, and opened the door. Then he noticed that he was standing in his toilet. Takeo left the toilet (to go into his hallway) but he was back outside again!

Later that evening, Sae was wondering what was going on. She took her clothes off, and tossed her bra into the washing machine. But the bra appeared from the vent of Takeo's kitchen, and fell to the kitchen floor.

Takeo figured out that the doors in their life had gotten connected in strange ways because of their magic. He crawled out of the drawer in his kitchen. Then he noticed the bra on the floor. He thought it was Takako's (his sister's) bra.

Takeo went to get something to drink, and opened the refrigerator door. Some steam came out, and fogged his glasses. He noticed that his refrigerator must have connected to some other door. Then he heard Sae scream. Takeo's refrigerator had connected to Sae's bathroom!
Takeo had a nosebleed!

[eye catch]

Sae still didn't know what was going on. Takeo was trying to explain, and then Sae noticed that he was holding her bra. Then Aburatsubo came out of Takeo's oven. He said that if Takeo wanted to see a nude body so badly, he would strip for Takeo.. But Takeo started pushing Aburatsubo back. Then Nanaka came, saying that everyone was in her closet.

Takeo explained to everyone that the doors in their life had gotten mixed up because of their magic. He said that everything should return to normal the next day. Sae was feeling very disappointed, as there was nothing wrong with her doors. She thought that she was a failure.

Nanaka complained, saying that she wanted the magic to be released immediately. Takeo said that everyone would have to get together to perform the release magic. Nanaka said that she had drawn a map of how the doors were connected.

Then Takeo said that they would all get together in Sae's room to perform the magic.

After getting out of the bath, Sae was getting dressed, and thinking that she was the only one who couldn't move through the magic doors. She was feeling very depressed.

Then as Sae opened the door of the bathroom, she teleported outside. Sae was very happy.. but then she became very scared, as she had no idea how to get back to her house.

Meanwhile Takeo got ready, and headed through the door for Aburatsubo's house. But he crash-landed in Akane's kitchen. Takeo looked up and saw that Akane was only wearing a towel! Takeo thought it was strange, but Akane said that the doors weren't really connected.

Meanwhile Nanaka got a call from Sae, saying that she was lost. Sae was about to cry, so Nanaka told her to stay put. Before Sae could tell Nanaka where she was, she ran out of money (as she was calling from a public phone).

Akane was telling Takeo that she was able to teleport anywhere she wanted though the doors, just by thinking of where she wanted to go. Then Takeo realized that they were wrong before about the doors being connected. It seemed that way because they always thought about the same location when using the door.

Then Aburatsubo and Nanaka also appeared in Akane's room.
[Akane was sitting down, wearing just a bathrobe, and combing her hair..]

Nanaka told everyone that Sae was lost. She recalled that she heard a train in the background, so she thought that Sae must be near the station.

Meanwhile Sae had teleported to a strange garden. The mysterious person had "called" for Sae. Sae asked why he (or she) had called for her, but he said that Sae came on her own will. He told Sae that Sae was able to teleport anywhere she wanted, if she concentrated. Then he left.

Sae then closed her eyes, concentrated, and walked through the door. Sae arrived at the magic club room in the school. Takeo was there. Then all the others also appeared.

They all performed the magic to release the teleportation. Takeo opened the door to leave the room, and everything was back to normal.

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