Mahou Tsukai Tai TV episode 5

Akane, the Hiccups, and a Strange Relationship
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Akane was wearing a face mask, like when people are sick. When she saw Nanaka and Sae, she ran away from them, and Nanaka became angry.

Sae mentioned that in her dreams, she'd see a mysterious girl but then she would vanish. Nanaka said that maybe it was just her imagination.

Akane talked to Takeo. She said that she wanted to go out with him. Takeo got extremely excited, because he thought that she wanted to go on a date. Akane hiccuped; in another classroom, Sae saw soccer balls with wings flying around outside. During school, Akane would hiccup and weird things would happen. Ayanojou saw Akane and Takeo getting "friendly" during school, and he became jealous.

During the club meeting, Takeo said that everybody could go home today. He said that he had to go do some errand, and it was very important not to follow him. Then he left, walking as if he was stoned. Everybody, including Mizuha (the manga club president) followed him, because they couldn't believe that he was going out with Akane.

Akane told Takeo that she just wanted to walk home with him because now whenever she hiccuped, bizarre things happened. She explained that the previous day, after a photo shoot, she thought about using magic to get rid of a pervert that was all over her. But she remembered that was wrong. However, she saw a mysterious girl watching her. When she looked twice, she wasn't there. She was so surprised that she accidentally used magic anyway. Now whenever she hiccuped, she would release uncontrollable magic.

She brought Takeo along to ask her what to do. She only told him because the others would "nag" at her for using magic in a selfish manner. Takeo became very disappointed because it meant that she wasn't going out with him.

Akane hiccuped and flowers grew out of his head. Then Akane said that she wanted to him to squeeze her hand. The others were still following them, and they were hiding in the bushes. The dialogue went like this:

"No, I can't!"
"You have to! Harder, harder!"
"I can't take it anymore!"
"More, more!"

Sae got very angry, and almost said something. But Ayanojou lost his temper first and stood up and yelled at the couple. Akane and Takeo were only holding hands.

Then they explained everything, and Nanaka said to Sae, "I bet you're glad that they're not really going out, aren't you?" Sae said, "Yes..." then she got embarrassed and changed her answer.

Out of the blue, Sae started screaming at Akane. Akane wasn't surprised, and she only hiccuped even more. The others realized that Sae was trying to use other things besides magic to get rid of Akane's hiccups. However, Takeo decided that they would research into the Grimoire and determine if there was some magical ways to fix this problem.

The next day, Akane showed up early. But then she hiccuped and she turned very tiny. She went to the manga club room and borrowed one of the vinyl doll clothes. Then she hiccuped again and she grew wings (so she looked like a fairy). But the manga club returned and Akane flew out of the room.

The others decided to hunt for Akane. Akane was fooling around the school but eventually went to hide in the greenhouse. Sae and Nanaka went to the greenhouse and started talking. The two girls mentioned that Akane was hard to talk to sometimes, because she always kept a distance to them. Akane overheard and didn't want to come out. But then she fell off the shelf. The shock caused her hiccups to go away and she turned back into her normal self.

Akane thanked the others for looking at her; however, she was naked. Nanaka went to get her clothes. But then Takeo came in the greenhouse before she could dress, and Akane screamed, "Ecchi!" Takeo got a massive nosebleed.

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